Council dismisses former PP mayor in El Palmar for “abandonment of post”

“Leaving work without just cause”, “performing private work during working hours” or “inappropriate use of the company vehicle”. These are the reasons given by the Diputación de Valencia to dismiss one of its workers, who was first part of Imelsa and then of Divalterra, the public company of the company, as a “fixed employment contract attached at the tourism center” and after its dissolution He was part of the staff of the company.

The board notified the dismissal of Ignatius Alexander by decree signed by the president of the establishment, Tony Gaspar, after incurring “serious” and “very serious” violations, a decision that the affected party assures it will take to court. “I am very calm”, expresses Aleixandre contacted by this newspaper and indicates that he has evidence and witnesses who show that he did not commit these faults and that his case is a “persecution” by the corporation. for being on the lists of Maria Jose Catala in 2019.

The sacked was mayor with the PP and ranked tenth on the Catalá list in 2019

The procedure was opened on June 9, 2022 to verify “possible behavior constituting faults or offenses likely to be sanctioned”. This file concludes that the facts described are considered “proven” and that they “constitute serious and very serious offenses”.

Among these, according to the official justification for the dismissal, appear under the heading of serious misconduct “leaving work without just cause”, “abusive use of the company vehicle” and the exercise of private work. during working hours “as well as use company tools for their own purposes, both inside and outside the workplace”.

How do you miss it?very serious“Disloyalty and breach of trust in the procedures entrusted are reported, as well as any behavior constituting a malicious crime” and the “continuous and voluntary” decline in performance at work.

During the presentation of the statement of charges, which according to the graduation of the faults could lead to the dismissal of the worker, the person concerned does not present “any type of allegations”. Thereupon, the board notifies the dismissal of the previously employed from 1 November 2022an “administratively final” resolution leaving, yes, legal recourse, a path that the dismissed person assured that he would take.

According to his version, the reason for the dismissal is political. Aleixandre was mayor of El Palmar between 2011 and 2015 carrying on a family legacy in the southern city of the city of Valencia that his great-grandfather started. This post was assumed by Ignacio Aleixandre in the summer of 2011, still with Rita Barberá in the consistory of ‘cap i casal’, when he was 23 at the time. His link with municipal politics did not end when the “popular” left the command bar in Valencia since he ranked tenth on the Catalá list in 2019 in which the PP obtained eight mayors.

Aleixandre claims to have witnesses and proof that the abandonment of his position denounced by the council and for which he has just been dismissed is not one. He indicates that he was sent to pick up a group of foreign journalists in registration areas in Palmar to promote it and that he went to this city, where he lives, with the official car up to 11 times with signed management reports: four with the journalists themselves to record the documentary and seven previous ones to choose the locations. The case will end up in court.

The former mayor’s working relationship with the provincial administration began in the municipality’s public company, then Imelsa. His entry was as a “fixed-term employment contract”. With the change of provincial government and the arrival of the left, Imelsa changed its name to Divalterra, but many workers hired at the time, such as Aleixandre, continued in their jobs until its dissolution.

It definitely happened in the middle of this year. As part of its extinction, the subrogation of the employees of this public company to the administrative body of the municipality was granted. The majority, the brigadistas, passed to the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters; but others, more related to management tasks, did so at the corresponding provincial department. This was the case of Aleixandre, linked to Tourism. It is for his work in this area that the file which ended in a dismissal was opened and that he assures that he will appeal to justice.


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