Crime threatens to search mothers in Tamaulipas; Suspend work at La Bartolina – El Financiero

After a year of excavations of the La Bartolina property, in which the Attorney General’s office and the research mothers participated, the work was suspended due to threats from criminals, who even tried to kidnap two federal agents.

Delia Quiroa Flores, spokesperson for the Union of Collectives of Mother Researchers of Tamaulipas, explained in a statement that on Sunday, September 18, around 4 p.m., in front of the hotel Ritz in Matamoros, Two trucks arrived with hooded men armed with goat horns.

He explained that the subjects descended from the units and surrendered to the staff of the Attorney General’s Office, who were working that day at ‘La Bartolina’.

The men attempted to ‘lift’ the Federal Public Prosecutor and his responsible Ministerial Officer, beating the latter, while the rest of the staff escaped as most of them fled for their lives. .

He reported that one of the criminals shouted at them, “we don’t want any more researchers or authorities in Huizachal, we have already given them a lot of time”, so they took the decision to suspend the processing of the remains. on the property “La Bartolina”. , located in the ejido ‘El Huizachal’, in Matamoros, until further notice.

“We remind the Gulf Cartel that the peace truce they were asked for last year was for an indefinite period, since, on this property, we calculate that there are more than 1,500 people reduced to fragments. of charred bones and the work of the experts It must be very meticulous.”

According to Delia Quiroa, who is looking for her brother Roberto, missing since March 10, 2014 in Reynosa, she explained that in a year of investigation, 220 victims were identified, who were killed on this property between 2008 and 2016. , two of which have already been delivered to their loved ones.

“We therefore invite you once again to the leader of the Gulf Cartelto allow us to continue to carry out these procedures for the treatment of bone remains and for the families of these victims to know the fate or location of their missing.

Through a video on his Facebook profile, Delia Quiroa explains that Karla Quintana Osuna, head of the National Research Commission, promised to provide them with protection, but Sedena refused to give them security.

“Despite the fact that our president proclaims peace and that the armed forces will be an instrument to ensure the safety and respect for the life of all human beings in Mexico, these events on Sunday show the opposite.”

According to the spokesperson for the union of research groups, it could be retaliation for the attempt to militarize the country and customs control, “this death threat does not allow us to continue in Bartolina in the treatment of the remains bony”.

In another video, Gustavo Azuara Díaz, of the group “Love for the Disappeared in Tamaulipas”, also thanks the Gulf Cartel for allowing them to work for a year on the property, where results have been obtained.

“We again call on the Gulf Cartel to respect the truce that has been requested of them, in order to continue the work in progress in El Huizachal, La Bartolina, ejido, in Matamoros.”

He also asked for empathy and sensitivity with the families who are looking for their missing, “because we are not looking for culprits, only our missing, that’s why we ask for more peace.”

The researchers asked the holder of the Mechanism for the protection of journalists and human rights defendersEnrique Irazoque Palazuelos, that measures be taken in this matter and ensure the protection of researchers.

“We do not want another son, daughter, brother, sister, husband, wife, father or mother, researcher, activist and human rights defender to be killed for their work, as in the case of our Tamaulipas from Ms. Miriam Rodríguez Martínez or the most recent in Sinaloa of Ms. Rosario Lilian Rodríguez”.


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