Domestic worker doesn’t get a job because she appears dead to social security

Sometimes it happens, we are so satisfiedbecause they are going to hire him and, at the last minute, he finds the surprise: “Sorry, but we can’t hire him”. What does not happen so often – to tell the truth, it never happens – is that the reason is the one given to Sady Britezdomestic worker at Seville for 19 years:We can’t hire you because you’re dead.“.

Surely there’s no right way to learn about one’s own deatheven if it’s something no one ever considers: when you die, there’s nothing left to discover. This is where it all endsIt’s always been that way…until now. The strange argument of the third man, in which everyone considers someone alive as dead, jumps to reality. The author of this impossible is no longer Graham Greenit is now the Social Security, which “killed” a domestic worker.

Sady Britez from 55 yearsarrived in Spain from Paraguay in 2003. Since then, she has worked like most and has chained works of home help and the elderly. Everything was going reasonably well for him — at least as well as it can be in the case of a group whose rights still need to be improved — until On July 17, the lady she cared for died.. He had been in his charge for four and a half years, but now he remained unemployed, unemployed… and dead, according to Social Security.

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“I don’t know what to do. Social Security says I’m dead, but I’m not dead, I’m alive! They got confused the one who died is my employer“Sady told EL ESPAÑOL. His story is one distress call: the only salary returned to the house for nearly two months is that of her husband. Being ‘dead’, no company can save it.

Message from the deceased to Social Security.
Message from the deceased to Social Security (Cedida).

fight against a wall

Sady lived normally until she found out she was dead, of course. It’s one of those news that, when it comes, changes your life. Before, he spent most of his time looking for work. Now he dedicates it to live again.

Last week he went to Trade union action, a job search agency. He wanted to get out of his professional life because a home help company belonging to the Andalusian government He had offered her a one-year contract and was going to register her with Social Security. The surprise came when in Acción Laboral they told him that they could not have their professional life because “he appeared to be deceased”.

Shortly after, the company confirms it: “They showed me that she was dead and I was left with goosebumps and square eyes, as they say in my country,” recalls Sady. That of learning of one’s own death resembles something from the cinema.

Once he got home, he tried to enter his social security account and, as EL ESPAÑOL verified, the message was: “Identification is not possible. The identifier belongs to a deceased.

Then begins a journey of travels in the depths of the bureaucracy and the administration from which he draws nothing: “On Monday I went to the Attention and Information Center of door to the ossuarywhere they send me to the offices of Gonzalo Bilbaoand from there to another, but none of them solve my problem”.

Alberto Benítez Sanabria, Legal Director of the Labor Law Firm, explains that the situation “is not normal, of course, even if it happens sometimes”. In the opinion of this expert, “there are many ways to certify life”, which Sady must do now, such as “ask to cancel this state before the Civil Guard with a letter”. The problem is “the administrative jam of the National Institute of Social Security (INSS)”.

INSS security staff – “the only ones who listened to me” – told Sady she had to make an appointment, but She refuses because “it’s their mistake, not mine, and it’s something urgent”. Alberto Benítez believes that “It’s no use fighting against a wall, there is no other solution than to prove that we are alive“.

Social Security Office.
Social Security Office (EFE).

borderline situation

It was possible that the error did not come from social security but from the family of the deceased lady, but this was ruled out when Sady called the son of the deceased —the real one, the one who is probably dead—: “He sent me all the documents, even the death of the lady he was looking after, and they did not communicate my death, everything was fine“.

For Sady it’s a mistake of fatal consequences. As a domestic worker, she is not entitled to unemployment benefits, and after accomplishing the most difficult part – finding a job, as well as a one year contract—, losing him is something that particularly affects him.

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Not only that, but Sady doesn’t know how long she’s been officially dead.. That is to say, it is possible that apart from the work that made her aware of her situation, she lost other potential jobs by disappearing from the job search lists. In addition to those who will continue to lose until Social Security ‘resurrects’ him.

Alberto Benitez sees complicated that you can receive compensation to repair the damage sufferedsince it is not provided for in the law: “A legal procedure could be carried out in which it is shown that he lost his job, but it is difficult, there is no precedent only for that.”

“I don’t know if they’ll compensate me, but what I want is to appear alive, not dead,” says Sady, who he hasn’t spoken to any lawyers because he has no money for it. Today, he did not go to the Social Security coffers because “it is very exhausting, physically and psychologically”. But tomorrow he will fight bureaucracy again. And to another. And to another. And so on until she is alive again.

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