Domoelectra, the Granadan who sweeps learning how to save on electricity bills on YouTube

  • Manuel Amate has spent 13 years showing everything from how to change a light bulb to the benefits of solar panels

  • His video with the most views is called “Trampa en el meter de la luz” and explains why you should not set up these illegal connections

  • In a humorous tone, he tackles practically all the situations he encounters in his daily work.

His name is Amate Manual, but it’s weird who keeps calling it that. His clients, his neighbors and even his family call him Domoelectrahis alter ego on social networks, where his subscribers number in the hundreds of thousands (on his YouTube channel alone, he has almost half a million subscribers).

And it is that when hardly anyone knew what YouTube was, this electrician from Granada published his first video in an attempt to modernize his business, given the lack of work due to the construction crisis. it was him year 2009 and it was about installing an antenna. From then until today, Manuel has created more than 800 videos of very diverse content, although the most requested, especially in recent months, are those that explain how to save on electricity bills.

Because improving the energy consumption of homes in Granada and raising awareness of the importance of uses of renewable energies These are the main challenges that Domoelectra has set itself with its video tutorials, in addition to explaining graphically how we can carry out certain DIY jobs related to electricity ourselves. without resorting to a professional.

“At that time, I didn’t know anything about the Internet, but my light bulb went on“, ironically in an interview with NIUS this technician in electrotechnical installations who, “always ready to give his energy”, – motto he uses in each intervention he makes, whether on social networks or in the multiple conferences on his sector in which he participates- addresses in a humorous tone virtually any situation your customers may encounter on a daily basis.

Advocacy for the use of renewable energies

On his channel, you can find tutorials on how to change an intercom, refurbish a complete electrical installation, or even advice on replacing fluorescent tubes with LED tubes or solving the flickering of low-consumption light bulbs. Although it is ironic that the video with the most views is the one with the title ‘Trap in the electricity meter’in which he explains why we should not put these illegal connections. “There, you realize the picaresque of the people“.

“Everything that comes to mind, I record in the videos that have virtually no editing. That’s the secret of my success, I’m very natural and I don’t mind making mistakes or repeating the video when something doesn’t go as it should. It’s a reality show of my daily life“, he explains, while acknowledging that it is increasingly difficult for him to release new material.

However, Domoelectra specializes in home energy studies to save on its customers’ electricity bills. “Sometimes it is difficult to convince a person that it is better to install solar panels because at the beginning it is a very big investment and many do not understand that in a in the future they will write it offthat’s why you have to explain it very well and not lie when selling a service,” says Amate.

He is a stalwart conservationist who, whenever he gets the chance, mentions what “our grandparents told us to turn off the lights or close the tap to save water”. “There have been a few generations who have forgotten the concept of savings, but we must be aware because the future of the planet will depend on it”.


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