Due to a break in the embankment, a section of the road that separates the municipality of Santa Lucía from the Canal del Dique has collapsed

During this weekend, the departmental authorities announced an assignment in an important road in the south of the Atlantic. According to the Atlantic government, due to a failure in an embankment that separates the municipality of Santa Lucía with the Canal del Diquethere was a collapse at kilometer 4 + 800, in the sector that goes from the Vía Oriental to the municipality of Santa Lucía.

Authorities said they have already deployed workers to the affected section to normalize traffic flow on that highway. The Department’s Undersecretary of Roads and Construction, José Luis García, explained that emergency works are underway on the affected side of the road to improve the current state that is presented.

“There has been a settling in the axis of the road and we are working with some large bags which will serve as protection. Then a change of the damaged pavement will be carried out, to later rebuild the asphalt of the road”, said José Luis García.

The Atlantic government official assured that the embankment will remain in the same structural conditions it had until its collapse, in addition, to avoid future eventualities, will have reinforcement with sandbags.

“From the department, we offer peace of mind to all citizens and they can be sure that the works we carry out have the geotechnical and engineering support that it requires”, added José Luis García.

For his part, the Planning Secretary of Santa Lucía, Hagler Mercado, maintained that from the municipal headquarters they supported the work of the Atlantic Infrastructure Secretariat. This work is carried out, in particular, in the Booth 6 sector of the Irrigation District.

“For a long time, this point has been followed on the layouts presented on the road and identified that the subsidence is not related to the levels of the Canal del Dique, but with structural failure of the embankment. Some work is underway to allow the repair of the track to be carried out as quickly as possible and to be able to resolve this problem,” said Hagler Mercado.

For the moment, the municipal and departmental authorities have not deemed it necessary to completely close the road. Thus, the circulation of vehicles is maintained on site with a parallel passage on the road, guaranteeing drivers seamless mobility both for those heading north of the Atlantic and for those heading south.

Work in this sector, according to the authorities, they are supposed to have a maximum duration of eight dayswhile the road section would be activated with absolute normality from the following week.

Meanwhile, Undersecretary for Disaster Prevention and Atlantic Government Attention, Candelaria Hernández, said that hand in hand with the Atlantic Infrastructure and Transit Secretariat , They provide all the support required in these municipalities to attend the assignment of the road.

It should be noted that the Magdalena River, which flows through the Canal del Dique, has presented a high level in recent months due to the winter wave that has been intensely recorded in this region of the country. For this reason and because of the breaking of the jarrillón in Calamar (Bolívar), the authorities have launched an alert call for some municipalities.


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