Eight UMU and UPCT students rewarded for their graduation and master’s projects in companies in the Region – Murcia – San Javier

Eight students from the University of Murcia (UMU) and the Polytechnic of Cartagena (UPCT) were awarded today for participating in the “Encuentro TF” project, promoted by the Ministry of Business, Employment, Universities and the Spokesperson, to carry out their End of Degree Projects (TFG) and End of Master’s Projects (TFM) in companies in the Region.

This initiative is part of the actions of the International Interuniversity Campus of Excellence “Mare Nostrum” and associates the UMU, the UPCT, companies in the Region and public research centres.

The Director General of Universities and Research, María Isabel Fortea, explained that “the objective is to promote the practical training of university graduates while they solve the problems and challenges proposed by the companies themselves to implement practices the knowledge, abilities, skills and achievements at university and applied to the solution of concrete problems”.

At the University of Murcia, the winner of the TFG award was Carmen María Martínez Pérez, for her work “Web application for the management of irrigation integrated with ESP32 devices and compatible with Genhidro”, developed by the company Agrosolmen. The second TFG prize was awarded to Eduardo Martínez Martínez for “Smart Car Access: car access control prototype”, from the company AED Vantage.

The UMU Master’s Prizes were awarded to Natalia Sáez Rosique for her work “Validation of analytical methods for the determination of hydroxocobalamin: an interpharmacopoeial perspective”, at HealthTech BioActives SLU; and the second prize went to José María Hernández Nieto for the development of ‘Optimization of order picking in warehouses through advanced analysis models’, for the company Capgemini España, SL

At the Polytechnic University of Cartagena, the first prize for the graduation project was awarded to Erik García Hoyberg for the “Design of a GIS service for the tracking of trucks and containers”, for the company Digio Soluciones Digitales SL; and the second prize for José Lorenzo López for a “SoC board validation simulator for the acquisition of the Mikids astronomical instrument”, for the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias.

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