Emergency in La calera: the works are reactivated this Tuesday, the road is still closed and they are looking for a missing person

Irrigation control bodies and district entities continue to use the emergency works on the Calera road. Photo via: bogota.gov.co

The Office of the Mayor of Bogotá continues to deal with the emergency that appears on the road the stall. For this Tuesday, November 15, the Town Hall has indicated that works are planned on the road corridor and given the risk they represent 124 trees along the route it is necessary to restrict the passage.

Regarding this closure of the La Calera road, the mayoress, Claudia Lopez reiterated that:until the cutting and felling of trees on the road that generate some type of risk is completed, the road to La Calera cannot be activated”, this is why only the entry of resident vehiclesservice the buses feeders and School transportation to the said sector The Chapel – San Luis, communicated by the Administration.

From the start of the La Calera road to the entrance to the Arboretto, we have a total of 124 trees to fell. Until this intervention is done, we will not be able to activate the route. The Botanical Garden and CAR team will be in charge of this work“, underlined the mayor.

For people who have to travel from the municipality of La Calera to Bogotá, there are two alternatives: one by road to El Codito and another for the Northern Highway; and added that transit by road is also not permitted. El Verjon – Choachibecause at kilometer 11, the road also presents instabilities and risks of falling trees.

Claudia López also said that during the daytime technical visits to 28 houses which require evaluation by specialist engineers, due to possible risk allocation; later on digest will take appropriate action.

Likewise, he confirmed that it was possible to withdraw near the 95% mass removal material in the Arboretto sector, but, “there are still messages missing public services to intervene, and thanks to a drone overflight, it was possible to establish that there are no pools of water in any high part of the mountain“Said the official source.

The Ministry of Mobility has also indicated that it will continue to monitor 24 hours a day from the Traffic Management Center“to manage the resources necessary to mitigate the emergency, as well as to continue to report the mobility situation in real time through the Twitter account @BogotaTransito”, they pointed out.

Finally, the mayor mentioned other eventualities that have occurred in the country’s capital. “We had three fortunately minor problems: one in the Northern Highway on 127th street, which was a puddle, but it emptied pretty quickly. The second, a house that we had to evacuate due to a massive move in the neighborhood El Mochuelo, in Ciudad Bolivarand another house in the neighborhood Villa of the Alps in San Cristóbal that we also had to evacuate due to overflow of the main sewer“, he pointed out.

Against this backdrop and amid the decreed declaration of public calamity, the District Secretary of Education has appealed to schools in the area to hold the school day this Tuesday as part of the virtuality.

The Ministry of Education has provided guidance for schools in the area to carry out their academic days with virtual strategies and school flexibility with the support of educational directors, guidance teachers, teachers and administrators.

The return to face-to-face will be indicated according to the directives of the PMU and it will be realized when the mobility of the educational community towards educational institutions is not at risk, given that these schools are close to the area of ​​the landslides and overflows that have occurred in recent days“, they indicated.


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