Emigrating to Europe: the 5 easiest jobs for foreigners to apply for as a newcomer

Emigrate to most countries of Europe are necessary the work visawhich will allow you to get residency and citizenship later. However, there are some nations of the old continent that will allow you to move permanently, without the need for a European passport. One of these passes is Portugal.

Although it is the easiest country to emigrate to Europewe must take into account the need to find a fast work and with good salaries. For this reason, youtuber and lifestyle influencer Pato Bonato has published a list with the best jobs that can be obtained more easily in Europe.

In the list, he included the jobs that require more labor and are most in demand in general by companies in the country. The ideal for newcomers to consider these jobs as a good option is not to become “exquisite” and have the ability to “pull all the rings”, because any opportunity to start from scratch must be welcomed.

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factory worker

One of the jobs is in one of the jobs offered by the factories Portuguese. These positions allow you to earn between 750 and 1000 euros per month. Meanwhile, Lisbon and Porto are the cities where it is easier to find industrial work.

Saint Global, the largest solar panel factory in Portugal (Interempresas).


Construction and labor is another of the most demanded jobs in Portugal. If a person has previously worked in Argentina in the construction sector, this experience will be a plus for migrants who wish to apply for these positions.

Truck’s driver

The job of truck driver is also another of those required in this Iberian country. To be able to exercise it, it is enough to have the registration to drive trucks, that is to say the professional license corresponding to the category of this type of vehicle.

fruit picker

Fruit picking is one of the easiest jobs to get in Portugal. Although it comes with some complications, such as job insecurity practices by employers, the truth is that it is considered a viable option to emigrate and declare residency.

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Although Pato Bonato does not recommend this job, the youtuber felt he had to mention it, since it is one of the most requested in the whole country.

Waiter, washer or manager of gastronomic premises

Jobs related to the gastronomic sector are the most in demand in Portugal. Whether as a waiter, waiter or washer, the recently arrived migrant can easily apply for this position.

Salaries are around 750 euros, plus extras and tips. Depending on the establishment and the city, some Portuguese or English may be required.

Lisbon cellar. (travel consultant).

Telephone operator in call centers

The last of the trades is that of telephonist in call centers. Although knowledge of Portuguese is necessary, companies also appreciate knowledge of English, since most of the companies they promote are multinational and sell their products throughout Europe and the United States.

The salaries of telephone operators in call centers are approximately between 700 euros and 800 euros. Additionally, bonuses may be received for achieving goals and other similar incentives.

The minimum wage in Portugal is between 700 and 800 euros, so these types of low-skilled jobs usually offer salaries in line with this amount.

With prices hovering around pennies and many products bought for less than €10 in Europe, we may be wasting enough money to live off those early jobs. For this reason, the influencer recommends keeping track of day-to-day spending and that migrants “don’t go crazy with shopping.”

Portugal (Trip Advisor).

On the other hand, Pato Bonato specified that the first objective of a migrant should not be to be able to save. At the beginning, it is advisable to find a job that allows you to settle down little by little, until you find another that offers the possibility of affording yourself the luxury of “not living from day to day” and have the possibility of paying for leisure and vacations, among other expenses related to the art of living and comfort.

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“You have to achieve stability and do the residency formalities as quickly as possible, because it takes time,” he notes. Despite this, it is possible that if you emigrate as a couple, there is still a certain margin to save some money in euros, which will allow you to progress gradually.

How to emigrate to Portugal and what documents are required?

Conditions for emigrating to Portugal:

  • Documents (passport)
  • Criminal record
  • They may require basic knowledge of Portuguese.

Although the papers take a long time to come out, anyone can legally stay in Portugal, being covered by health and with a blank job.

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You just have to look for a job and take out the expression of interest to be a European resident, without needing to have a particular passport.


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