Employment suffers with the end of summer: 189,963 jobs are destroyed and unemployment increases by 40,428 people in August | Economy

The labor market succumbs to the summer. In August, unemployment rose again by 40,428 people and brought the total number of unemployed to 2,924,240. An increase which, however, places the eighth month of the year as the month of August with the fewest unemployed since 2008. A similar reading is offered by registration statistics, in which, despite a decrease of 189,963 workers in non-seasonal terms, and a reduction in contributors to 20,151,001, the total volume stands at the fourth highest since 2001.

Historically, August is generally a bad month for the labor market due to the end of tourist season contracts. Many hotel and hospitality workers stop work with the September entry. However, the reform of the labor market and the good performance of employment figures throughout the year suggested that job destruction would be milder than in previous years. “August is a month traditionally marked by the end of summer contracts. However, this year’s behavior is better than that of previous years, both in the seasonally adjusted series and in the original series of average affiliates, ”says Social Security.

The results offered this Friday by the Ministries of Labor and Social Security confirm a slight slowdown in job creation, after the good momentum that had accumulated throughout the year, and which had started with the poor results. of July. However, according to the nuances of the department headed by Yolanda Díaz, “despite the context of economic uncertainty”, the increase in the number of unemployed is “much softer than in the years preceding the pandemic” and, in addition, affects “in the activities that usually experience this increase in August ”.

A similar phenomenon occurs with affiliation. Despite the drop in the number of average affiliates included in the original series, this drop, while greater than that of 2021 (-118,004) and 2020 (+6,822), is less than that of the rest of August since 2001. A panorama that changes radically if we take seasonally adjusted data on affiliations as a reference, i.e. corrected for the components of each season of the year, since we thus verify an increase of 62,135 workers ; and which continues 16 months on the rise.

The Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, considered that August had been “a good month”, although he stressed that despite having recorded “frankly good” data, that ” does not mean that the context is not complicated and that you have to be vigilant.” The behavior of affiliations in the eighth month of the year, they value with their ministry, obeyed three factors: the advancement of hiring in June; the heat wave in mid-July, which could negatively affect employment in sectors such as commerce, agriculture and construction in the second half of this month; and a greater than usual loss of employment in teaching, due to the termination of the covid-19 reinforcement contracts carried out at the start of the course.

This historical disruption of supply, more sensitive to seasonality, like that of August, also led to the signing of 1,283,791 contracts last month, i.e. 371,724 less than in July, and 123,772 fewer than during this period in 2021. The number of open-ended contracts was 506,731 (one in four), the majority of whom were people working full-time (217,743). “In an uncertain scenario, our labor market is behaving solidly and responsively. Labor reform paves the way for stability and in August we exceeded 500,000 permanent contracts, five times the average of the historical series this month”, registered on social networksFor her part, the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz.

The most affected, young people

The loss of workers is concentrated in the construction sector, where unemployment rose by 5,095 (+2.23%); in industry, with 4,974 more unemployed (+2.13%); and in services, where the largest increase in the number of unemployed was calculated, 37,546 (+1.85%). By gender, more women than men stopped working (22,613 compared to 17,815), although the total number of stoppages in August (1,751,001) was the lowest for this month in more than a year. decade.

The rise in unemployment by age penalized the youngest in August. 8,881 people under the age of 25, those who usually access seasonal jobs such as those offered during the summer, have joined the unemployment rolls, while the 197,486 totals that make up this group represent the lowest figure for a month of August since 1996, and the second best total record since that year.

By autonomous communities, registered unemployment fell in only four of them: Canarias (-1,148 people), Comunidad Foral de Navarra (-479) and Aragón (-432); while it increased the most in Andalusia (+9,955), Catalonia (9,554) and the Valencian Community (+6,994).

Independents continue to decline

As for the self-employed group, for the second consecutive month, it continues to decline, with 13,509 fewer workers than in July. The total number of people registered for the special scheme is set at 3,327,436. Despite this setback, there are 15,202 more self-employed workers than at the start of the year. As for the number of workers under temporary work regulation file (ERTE), it amounted to 19,220 at the end of August, of which 1,613 were covered by the sectoral RED scheme for travel agencies.

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