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Industrial management, plant human resources, information technology and sales positions are among the highest paying jobs in the country. This was determined by a recent report by Adecco Argentina which included a salary and compensation survey of 302 companies that operate in the local market and responded with the salary ranges of 198 positions.

Adecco researched which IT jobs had the highest salaries and found that they were IT managers. He assures that they are “like the stars of the job market” and that they occupy the best paid IT positions.

At the industry level, however, the multinational talent company has found that those with the highest paying jobs are supply and logistics managers.

What are the highest salaries in Argentina?

A factory manager in Patagonia is among the highest paying jobs in Argentina.

According to the aforementioned survey by Adecco Argentina, which investigated the cost of 198 different positions in the country, the following jobs are the highest paying:

-Industrial manager in Patagonia: earns between $474,043 in a small company, up to nearly $1,500,000 in a large one.

-Finance & Legal: Semi Senior Branch Business Officer earns nearly $367,500 in a small business in Patagonia, and up to nearly $378,000 in a large one.

-Industrial: The plant’s human resources manager receives almost $440,000 in a small company in Patagonia, and up to almost $1,276,669 in a large one.

-The salary of a CIO in Buenos Aires can range from $456,000 at a small company to over $1,500,000 at a large company.

-Medical and scientific: the salary of a technical director in Buenos Aires in a small company is $535,200, and reaches up to $1,092,000 in a large company.

-A labor relations manager in Patagonia at a small company earns more than $294,000 and at a large one nearly $680,000.

-Oil and gas: a project engineer receives nearly $350,000 in a small company in Patagonia up to $875,000 in a large company.

-Sales and Marketing: The salary of a sales manager ranges from just over $568,000 at a small company in Patagonia to just over $1,615,000 at a large one.

-As you can see, in addition, the highest salaries are usually in Patagonia, but it is also true that the cost of living in this Argentinian region is higher than in other regions of the country.

What would be a good salary in Argentina?

The Department of Labour, Employment and Social Security has released August data from its Average Taxable Earnings of Stable Workers (RIPTE) report.

This report shows that the average salary of registered workers in Argentina reached 155,611.28 pesos per month in August 2022. This means that a “good salary” in the country would be one that exceeds this amount in August or September.

In other words, registered workers who receive wages above 155,611.28 pesos per month could consider their wages to be above average.

That said, as the Adecco report notes, there are professionals who earn up to a million pesos per month for the position of responsibility and the hierarchy they occupy.

However, it should also be taken into account that the basic family basket in Argentina has a value of 128,214.11 pesos according to the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses, Indec. In other words, this average salary, which is the average of all registered employees in the country, barely covers the basic consumption basket of a family made up of a married couple and two dependent sons or daughters.

What is the highest salary in Argentina 2022?

Commercial managers are the ones with the highest paying jobs in companies in Argentina

According to the aforementioned Adecco report, those with the highest salary in Argentina are sales managers.

The multinational describes this professional as the one who directs sales activities. “Plans, organizes and controls the implementation and execution of programs and evaluates results according to specific sales policies, maximizing profit margins.”

In this sector, salaries can vary between 320,000 pesos in a small company in Buenos Aires up to a maximum of 4 million per month in a large company.

On the other hand, for the IT field, which is the one that generally has salary averages and differential benefits in companies of all kinds, the company assures that IT managers are the best paid. Their salaries in large companies in the metropolitan area of ​​Buenos Aires fluctuate between 685,420 and 1,584,000 pesos per month.

How much does an average Argentinian earn in 2022?

The RIPTE indicates that the average salary of an Argentinian in August of this year – this is the latest data available – is 155,611.28 pesos per month.

In contrast, INDEC offers data from the second quarter of 2022, which indicates that the average salary of a worker in Argentina was just over 40,000 pesos per month. In this calculation, the INDEC also includes those working in the informal sector.

According to the official entity, the average per capita income of the total population, which corresponds to 29,137,217 people, reached 41,626 pesos per month, while the median per capita income was 31,125 pesos.

It should also be borne in mind that Argentina is heading towards near 100% inflation per year, which leaves the salaries of many local workers below the levels necessary to maintain a good standard of living.

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