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Petzl provides all the equipment necessary for working at height in complete safety and provides comprehensive solutions to its users.

B2B Writing10/19/2022

From the moment a worker is forced to carry out a construction site at height, he must equip himself with equipment allowing him to protect himself against the risk of falling. This equipment is made up of various PPE which must comply with the regulations in force, which sometimes differ from one country to another. Here you will find a quick but comprehensive overview of the entire range specifically for the worker at height.

Photo: Vertical works in the Saint Michel church in Bordeaux (France).


The head being the engine of the human being, it is obvious that it must be protected. Essential for work at height and certain industrial activities, helmets provide effective protection for the user in the event of falling objects, but also in the event of a person falling. Petzl offers a complete range of helmets divided into two categories: Vertex helmets, comfortable and robust, equipped with textile padding for optimal wearing comfort; and the Strato helmets, with internal padding designed in two parts EPP (expanded polypropylene) and EPS (expanded polystyrene), to offer greater lightness.

All these helmets are available in different versions: the Vent models which, for example, offer ventilation holes to better ventilate the helmet (with sliding curtains for hiding, on the Vertex), or the HI-VIZ models which offer a external shell in a fluorescent color with phosphorescent clips and reflective bands for optimal worker visibility, day and night.


Petzl Vertex helmet.

A great advantage of Petzl helmets is their double chinstrap which allows the worker to modify the resistance of the chinstrap to adapt the helmet to different environments: work at height (EN 12492) and work on the ground (EN 397). The clip has two positions for two modes of use: high resistance, to limit the risk of losing the helmet during a fall, and low resistance, to limit the risk of strangulation in the event of the helmet getting caught when the user is on the ground.

the harness

Easy to use, comfortable, equipped with numerous accessories and technically adapted to the challenges of the professions for which they were designed, Petzl harnesses are a reference in terms of efficiency and safety for workers at height. Backed by extensive experience acquired over decades, we have a very complete range that meets the needs of all workers at height: fall arrest (Newton), work restraint (Volt), suspension (Avao), difficult access (Astro), tree care (Sequoia), technical rescues (Falcon)… And of course, when required by specific regulations, Petzl harnesses have the appropriate features and equipment. For this reason, some models are available in European versions and in international versions, in order to meet the requirements of European, Russian, North American standards.


Petzl Newton harness.

Fall arrest systems

Depending on the configuration of the terrain to carry out the mission, the fall arrest system may consist of fall arrest lanyards with energy absorbers limiting the force transmitted to the user in the event of a fall, or sliding lifelines installed on a safety rope and accompany the user during his progress, whether on an inclined or vertical plane. In the event of a fall or sudden acceleration, they lock in order to arrest the fall. As far as fall arrest lanyards are concerned, the Absorbica and Jane ranges correspond to the needs for evolution in lifelines without splittable steps (simple lanyards with energy absorbers), or with splittable steps and for progression in vertical structures (lanyards double with energy absorber).


Absorbica Y from Petzl.

The use of sliding lifelines is required when it is not possible to use fall arrest lanyards. It is also essential to use specific energy absorbers connected to the sliding lifelines which limit the force of impact suffered by the user in the event of a fall.

And even more…

Beyond these main PPE, there are many other elements that can complete all the equipment of the worker at height, always taking into account the configuration of the mission to be carried out: ropes, descenders, anchors, pulleys, connectors of all kinds and, of course, you take care of the transport of all this material.

No problem, you’ll find everything available in the different Petzl product lines. Our products have really been developed to work in symbiosis with each other, so an Absorbica-Y fall arrest lanyard fits perfectly with a Newton harness, for example, Petlz sources point out. The greatest strength of this offer is to have been designed from the start with the aim of providing global solutions to our users, they conclude.


Petzl covers the entire range of elements for working at height in complete safety.

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