Failure of the prizes of the competition for books on the Constitution intended for schoolchildren convened by the Provincial Council

The jury of the illustrated writing contest on the Spanish Constitution convened by the Diputación de Ciudad Real has rendered its judgment and announced the list of schoolchildren and educational centers awarded. One more year, the provincial institution, chaired by José Manuel Caballero, has chosen to promote the spirit of defense of Magna Carta among the boys and girls of the province.

The call, which is aimed at students in early childhood education and primary and secondary education, established the following categories: early childhood education; first and second of Primary; third and fourth in Primary; fifth and sixth in primary; first and second year of secondary school, and a last category intended for special education centres.

Participating schools produced works based on an illustrated essay and a mural for the categories that correspond to primary and secondary school students. And early childhood students as well as special education students presented a mural, while those who attended the other categories produced illustrated essays. In total, 73 works produced by 178 students belonging to 18 institutes and schools in 13 municipalities in the province were received.

The first prize in the first category (childhood education) was awarded to the CEIP Santo Tomás de Villanueva in Ciudad Real, prepared by the students: Vera Calatayud Maldonado, Eva Díaz Delgado, Alonso Gómez Sánchez, Daniela Jiménez Moreno, Daniel Núñez García. The second prize was awarded to the CEIP Ignacio Loyola, from Calzada de Calatrava, directed by the students: María Alarcón Caballero, Juan Espinosa García, Rocío Estébez Cubero, Sofía Martín Blanco, Fernando Muñoz Piqueras. The third prize went to the CEIP Dulcinea del Toboso, from Ciudad Real, prepared by the students: Paula Fernández Bravo, Inés Vázquez Patón, Iris Aranda Calzado, Celia Chinchilla Sánchez, Alberto Segovia Sotos and Izan Tejeda Galán. The fourth prize was awarded to the CEIP Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Porzuna, directed by the students: Olivia García Muñoz, Bruno Muñoz Sánchez, Unai Sánchez Espinosa, Aitana Navas Sánchez and Nuo Guo Zi.

In the second category (first and second year), the first prize was won by Luis Fernández Rodríguez, from CEIP Dulcinea del Toboso in Ciudad Real; second prize went to Lucía Peláez González, from CEIP Miguel de Cervantes, from Terrinches, while third prize went to Lucía Romero Torres, from PVIPS Divina Pastora, Daimiel.

In the third category (3rd and 4th of the primary), the first prize was won by Águeda Cano Ballesteros, from CEIP Miguel de Cervantes, from Terrinches, while the second prize went to Raúl Trujillo Román from PVIPS La Milagrosa from Manzanares, and the Third prize went to Oliver García Aceña, of CEIP Alarcos de Valverde.

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For his part, in the fourth category (5th and 6th years), the first prize went to Rocío Carretero Calero, from CEIP Tomasa Gallardo, from Alcolea de Calatrava; second prize for Alejandra Peláez Macias, from CEIP Miguel de Cervantes, and third prize for Gema Patiño Martín-Consuegra, from PVIPS Divina Pastora.

And in the fifth category (1st and 2nd secondary) the winners were in the first place María Naranjo Alamurean, from PVIPS Divina Pastora; in second place: Javier Agudo Muñoz, from PVIPS Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes, from Herencia, and in third place Alonso Garrido Martín, from PVIPS Nuestra Señora de los Dolores, from Valdepeñas.

The CEE Puerta Santa María, from Ciudad Real, won the first prize in the sixth category corresponding to special education with work done by students Cristian Sobrino, Jesús Colque, Athenea Luna, Amelia Calero, Juan Carlos Rodríguez López.

The second prize was awarded to students Marta Carrasco Díaz, Fernando de Gracia Fernández, Luis Pérez Martín, Alba Rodríguez Madroñero, from CEE Puerta de Santa María. The third prize went to: Alonso Martín de la Sierra Blanco, Aya Benyaich, el Khamlichi, Daniel Garrido Moraga, Gonzalo Sánchez López, Lucía García- Consuegra Martín de Almagro, Miguel Martín-Serrano Martín and Irene López de Mota García, from CEIP San Isidro, by Daimiel.

And the fourth prize was awarded to Almudena Cano Abellán, José Ángel Minta Guaman, Iván Muñoz Collado, Carmen Cañizares García and Claudia Álvarez Bautista from CEE Puerta de Santa María.

In all categories, the first prizes are endowed with 350 euros, the second with 300, and the third and fourth with 250 euros, respectively.

The award ceremony will coincide with the celebration of the XLIV anniversary of the Spanish Constitution.


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