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In the Irapuato pit, in the Santa Fe subdivision, the discovery of at least 53 bags containing human remains is presumed

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Irapuato.- The state attorney general’s office concluded expert action in the Santa Fe Subdivision, Section Two, where at least 53 bags of human remains are alleged to have been found.

Through a press release, the FGE explained that human remains were found in two of the nine places reviewed by the authorities. They said they had been transferred to the forensic department and the people identification unit of the criminal investigation agency.

“With respect to the investigation being conducted at the property located in the Santa Fe Subdivision 2nd Section, due to the location of the skeletonized remains, the search duties are considered exhausted. Criminal experts and anthropologists from the AIC, specialists in the search and recovery of human remains, participated in the work, with the support of members of the research groups,” the document states.

irapuato pit 1
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The FGE assured that it had coordinated with the research groups, to whom the recognition procedure was explained. According to the prosecutor’s office, they agreed to complete expert work at the scene.

The statement also announced that the number of remains recovered will be officially announced as the investigation progresses.

Unofficially, at least 53 plastic bags containing human remains are said to have been seized from this property located next to several vacant lots and the train tracks.

Tombs in Guanajuato

Over the past two years, the state attorney general’s office has uncovered at least 373 people buried underground in nine municipalities across the state. This according to the dependency in the Conclusions section where the register of 14 inspected places is counted, at the cut-off of October 15th.

According to the data, 744 signs were extracted from these sites with a total of 373 individuals, of which 282 have already been identified and 91 remain unidentified.

Municipality locality panels people identified not identified Trials
Acambaro The Ascension 118 59 46 13 565
salvatierra new ranch 203 81 55 26 183
Celaya Sauz de Villasenor 26 29 19 ten 192
Celaya Tamayo’s Corner 17 16 13 3 100
To cut caracher 91 51 44 seven 538
To cut Huizache Community 8 5* 4 1* 48
Juventino Roses Saint Anthony of Morales 6 6 1 5 33
Juventino Roses San Antonio de las Maravillas 30 29 24 5 227
Juventino Roses Community of Santiago de Cuenda 25 22 19 23 186
Salamanca flower hill Eleven 6 3 3 53
irapuato bunny dam 40 13 13 0 182
irapuato Cave 51 fifteen 14 1 216
Lion Hacienda upstairs 3.4 Eleven 5 6 160
moroleon narrow hill 84 30 22 8 394
Totals 744 373 282 91 3977
Note: * Means figures are under consideration

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tomb in Irapuato Guanajuato
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The discovery of the pit

On October 28, police elements found presumed human remains in the Santa Fe subdivision, located in the northern area of ​​Irapuato.

Elements of the Ministry of Citizen Security confirmed the report and found suspected remains of people and to protect the evidence they immediately cordoned off the area.

However, this discovery led to another discovery: a tomb with several human remains. Members of groups looking for missing persons arrived in the area and carried out searches. Staff of the State Attorney General’s Office.

Further information: There are 53 bags containing human remains in a grave in Colonia Santa Fe, Irapuato

Photo: Courier

They accuse the blocking of the FGE

The next day, the “Hasta Encontre” group said the state attorney general’s office had denied them access to a building in the Santa Fe subdivision. That’s when it was agreed that they would participate as observers.

Groups searching for missing persons had agreed with federal authorities that they would participate as observers in these discoveries. However, access was open to them until elements of the FGE saw the media.



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