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The sample of her final works can be seen until November 10 / Clara Manzano

They show their creative potential with original brands in the exhibition presented by the School of Art

About fifteen students exhibit at the School of Art the commercial products they have imagined, bringing innovation and originality to the knowledge acquired in Artistic Screen Printing and Assistance to the Printed Graphic Product (APGI).

They creatively apply their knowledge of screen printing and design / Clara Manzano

In the exhibition hall of the center, his final projects of studies of the two intermediate degrees are exhibited until November 10, forming a sample with large doses of creativity.

There are original proposals like perfumery for pets / Clara Manzano

With Rubén Cascado and Toñi Badillo as teachers, there are eight works by APGI and seven by Screen Printing. At APGI, María Orgaz del Hoyo received top marks for writing her “Doggos of Olympups” board game, featuring canine characters, cards, and a board inspired by Greek mythology; and Eva Moreno Felipe received excellent reviews for her comprehensive corporate identity work for ‘Prettyland’ linked to dog and cat perfumery; while Laura López Menchero takes her illustrations to an editorial project with her personal brand; something that Rubén Jiménez also does with the “artistic bomb” of “BooMart”, with essences of graffiti, comics and pop art; and José de la Hoz with ‘Volapié 036’.

The exhibition brings together seven Artistic Screen Printing projects and eight Printed Graphic Product Support / Clara Manzano

In addition, Irene Navarro exhibits the editorial project ‘Eviled’ with a distinguished bird with a hat and devils; Elías Ureña orients his editorial proposal towards photography with “The rays of the sun, the shadows, the clouds and the orange are art”; and Nerea Rivera Roldán applies it to the ‘Aeren’ dog daycare center.
As for artistic serigraphy, Lucía Castellanos Castañeda prints her creations inspired by the sins and dancers of Camuñas on various supports, an initiative that recalls the Kukuxumusu with San Fermín; Amara Ropero Martínez transfers the beauty, impact and color of Japanese folklore to the “Oni Chan” collection of items; and Marta González-Román Jurado builds a business project dedicated to design with general and specific literary motifs in areas such as fantasy, horror, science fiction or thriller.

Rap and urban art are sources of inspiration / Clara Manzano

In addition, Angely Daniela Morillo Martínez presents the game of poker, with illustrations also applied to canvases and textiles, ‘Tipograni’ bathed in anime and various fonts; Naiseth Ureña Terán orients her serigraphic proposal towards ‘The 14 diaries of love’ towards poetry, bringing the printing to small format articles; and Jaime Martín Callejas brings rap and street art to t-shirts.

They bring stamping to articles made of very diverse materials / Clara Manzano

They are “very contemporary projects with an important artistic content and, at the same time, with an important practical and industrial component”, underlined the director of the School of Art, Pedro Lozano, who underlined the relevant level of the products and brands imagined by the students. .

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