Find out the most in-demand jobs for immigrants in the United States and how much you can earn

The United States continues to be one of the countries to which an increasing number of migrants turn in search of better job opportunities. Others see it as door to learn another language, culture or strengthen their academic preparation.

If you are evaluating the possibilities and alternatives you can find to make up your mind and start moving your process forward, it is important that you first seek advice on the requirements to comply with legal immigration status (either in case of work or studies).

The American research center Pew Research Center reports that among the sectors most in demand by Spanish speakers tourism, entertainment, education and also health stand out.

According to the US Department of Labor, among the most sought-after talents today are software developers and computer scientists.

For the international director of the North American firm Latam in the USA, Edgar Pulido, “agriculture occupies a fairly important place in the American economy”, given that “73% of the active population is made up of immigrants”.

This same area includes fishing, industry, mining and catering services, Housekeeping and catering service.

As for the numbers, the field of education is becoming a relevant niche for migrants due to the high demand for the Spanish language in university centers. He is It is essential that the teacher has a license to teach. The value that can be received annually is between $33,000 and $66,000.

A doctor, if he has all the permits and validated programs, can possibly earn up to 100 dollars per hour.

Regarding the construction sector, if a person has experience, he can cover around 22 dollars per hour and; otherwise, the value can start from 15 dollars.

A dance teacher may receive, on average, $24 per hour (which will depend, for example, on the number of students you have in your class).

As for personal trainers (one of the rising professions), it’s estimated that they can make up to $30 an hour.

In the United States, the federal value hour is, on average, 16 dollars and 10 cents (approximately 70,000 Colombian pesos).

For Pulido, “the Latin American situation has turned people to other nations in search of better and bigger opportunities” and, in some cases, “in search of greater value for their workforce. ‘productive work’.

The difference, for him, lies in “having an immigration status” which allows you to work legally in this country.

Find out how you can work temporarily in the United States.

In this field, there are two types of visas that the United States temporarily grants to workers who do not necessarily have university degrees: these are H2-A visas for the agricultural sector and H2-B for those who do not integrate this field.

To access it, in principle, the employer must demonstrate (and register) that he does not have enough local staff to carry out a certain job. Additionally, you must file Petition Form I-129 with the Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Being outside the North American country, applicants must begin the process for the H2-B visa at an embassy or consulate. With that the maximum length of stay is 3 years (once completed, it is necessary to leave the country for three months, before resuming the process to be readmitted with the same document).

According to the US Department of Labor, for the year 2020, forestry work, gardening, and assisting with entertainment were ranked as the busiest occupations.

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