Finding quality work: this is the challenge facing the unemployed in Spain

Last October, there was a pronounced decrease in the number of unemployed in our country. Specific, unemployment fell by 27,027 people in just one month. If this figure is in itself rather encouraging, it is even more so if we take into account the fact that in October, unemployment had fallen only once since there are records.

Unemployment in our country remains below three million people, a figure that has gradually fallen

In fact, the only time there had been a drop in the number of unemployed this month was in 2021. However, on that occasion the drop was much more contained than today, namely 734 fewer unemployed.

This fall in unemployment has flooded the country’s newspapers and news portals. However, the data does not seem sufficient for job seekers. Although unemployment in our country continues to be less than three million people, unemployed and employees continue to denounce the lack of quality jobs in the job offer.

Finding a job is much easier now than it was a few years or even a few months ago. It’s undeniable. However, most job seekers continue to encounter certain difficulties in finding qualified, well-paid and quality jobs.

Skilled, well-paid, quality jobs remain the hardest to find

To find this type of job, you have to search a lot and compete with highly qualified people. This poses a challenge for people fleeing companies where employability conditions are very pooreither because of requirements, salary, work-life balance options, salary or work environment.

Fortunately, there are a fews tips and techniques for finding a good job right now. We see the most interesting ones below.

Get business reviews

Know how a company works and what the opinions of employees are who work there can be one of the best ways to determine if it’s worth interviewing or not. However, you don’t always know someone who has had a working relationship with that company and that makes things a bit difficult.

Nonetheless, you can still use platforms like GoWork, which collect employee opinions about the companies they work for. On this website you can find opinions of companies from almost all sectors and take the opportunity to look for quality work in companies well valued by their workers.

To find realistic opinions about a company, just enter the link In this section of the platform, you will find reviews of the most popular companies or employers. In addition, from the main page you can also search by business name or location.

Online platforms are a tool increasingly used to find out how a company works and the opinion that its employees have of it.

Likewise, at GoWork, you can find opinions and dialogues from customers and workers that will give you clues about how the company works. In some cases, you may also find warnings and recommendations from other workers for those considering working at said company.

Train and specialize in what excites you

If you want to find a quality job, there’s nothing like training and preparing. Currently, there are certain sectors in which, To get a good job, it is essential to have specific training.

For this reason, if a certain job position catches your attention, the ideal is that you train there and specialize in it. To find out what knowledge is needed, you can take a look at the knowledge and training requirements that companies apply for these positions.

Also, you should keep in mind that getting this training is not as hard as it looks. Thanks to the Internet, you can find many online coursese in which you can learn, train, specialize and improve your professional skills.

Set a goal and focus on it

If you’re clear that you want to work in a certain industry, it’s best to focus on that area. By focusing your job search on a single area, you will be able to follow more specific and useful trainingorient your CV according to the sector and better prepare for interviews.

If you still don’t know what industry you want to work in or what your goal is, you should think about it a bit. In this direction, You should consider your skills, education and work experience.

Networking and using social media

Networking is about establish a network of contacts that can boost you in your professional career, both to help you find a quality job and to exchange knowledge or establish collaborations. These contacts can recommend companies offering good working conditions or companies with high employability.

Networking and creating an active network of contacts is essential when it comes to finding a job

In addition, social networks specially designed for work can help you establish this network of contacts, find valuable information, demonstrate your professionalism or demonstrate your level of education and work experience.


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