Forest fires in Salta and Jujuy: the rain has facilitated the work of the members of the brigade fighting the flames

The rain allowed the members of the brigade to accelerate their work on the fires in Jujuy (@ElChacoInforma)

Over the past few days, the Forest fires of jump extended to certain cities of Jujuy. Despite efforts to combat them, the situation has become critical due to weather conditions and drought. However, this Tuesday it rained again and brought significant relief to the members of the brigade who, although they were unable to extinguish the fire, carried out important preventive tasks.

Rain fell in the area of ​​Yungas, Jujuy, and the water not only mitigated the spread of the fire, but also provided better conditions for the work of firefighters and brigade members. Indeed, actions were taken to protect the population of the area and prevent the spread of the fire.

From the Provincial Igneous Emergency Committee (COEI), it was pointed out that “an average rainfall of 30 mm was recorded in the region of the branch, which although it failed to extinguish the fires, has improved the working conditions of the members of the brigade”.

Although the fires remain active, the rain has made it possible to progress in the prevention work
Although the fires remain active, the rain has made it possible to advance in the prevention work

In addition, they detailed that the rain “has accelerated the development of gaps and perimeters to generate barriers to wildfires”, official sources reported. With the advance of the fire, the town of El Bananal in the department of Ledesma was one of the most affected and many producers were alarmed by the burning of their crops.

Although the danger is imminent, “currently, there is no risk that threatens this community”, specified the COEI. And they explained that it is because the personnel in charge of fighting the fires made “a gap in protection to guarantee the safety of both the population and the production area”.

Beyond the fires that remain active, YPF warned that conditions are becoming more complex due to the presence of a seismic load in the affected area. For this reason, representatives of the company will hold a meeting with the Minister of Environment and Climate Change of Jujuy, María Inés Zigarán.

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Despite the fact that the rain has calmed the work of the members of the brigade, the weather conditions will still change. Faced with this situation, the members of the COEI have defined work strategies taking into account that temperatures will rise again. “They would reach a maximum of 38 degrees this Thursday and the entry of northeast winds, which would generate conditions for the spread of fires,” they warned.

For this reason, work will be reinforced on the Palo Blanco fire where the fire affected almost 600 hectares, as well as on the one located in the Loma del Anta area in Ledesma.

Firefighters managed to extinguish the fires in Tilcara

The forest fires started on October 10 in Colonia Santa Rosa (Salta), but various factors have had an impact on their spread and the fire reached Jujuy last week.

According to what was reported by official sources, the fire burned almost 1,100 hectares of farms located near the town of El Bananal, in such a way that it caused great concern among the inhabitants of the region. .

Helicopters and hydrant planes are working to fight the fire that has spread from Salta to Jujuy
Helicopters and hydrant planes are working to fight the fire that has spread from Salta to Jujuy

Although in this zone the igneous sources remain under control, others could be extinguished. A few days ago, fires broke out in the Yala area of ​​Monte Carmelo, in the department of Tilcara, where the members of the brigade not only faced the heat and the fire, but also the high altitude and long steps to reach the fire area. After hard work from the Jujuy Fire Department, Civil Defense, Volunteers and Baqueanos; the fires were extinguished.

Currently, 130 members of the brigade are involved in fighting the fire in Jujuy, 62 from the provincial system, 14 from the province of Santiago del Estero and 54 from the national fire management system. Added to this are two helicopters and two fire hydrant planes.

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