Fortuny, the parade that promotes the work of new fashion designers in the city of Granada

The young designers from the city of Granada are filled with excitement in November to have the opportunity to present their own creations, the result of their best ideas, in a parade that since 2005 promotes the talent of future workers in the fashion world. This Tuesday took place the presentation of the Fortuny Catwalk, a initiative of the José Val de Omar School of Art in Granada which celebrates its ninth edition this year. The event rediscovers the figure of Mariano Fortuny, recalling his revolutionary image in the city and paying homage to the designer, sculptor, scenographer, painter, photographer and textile designer from Granada, considered the great precursor of the current fashion world and known for his iconic dress Delphia pleated silk garment created in 1909 in which he inserts his great passion for painting through an incredible range of colors.

Each edition of the Fortuny Catwalk shows a promotion of these creators who present their free and inspired collections. A joint work of designing, illustrating and printing fabrics that also incorporate ceramic, enameled or metallic pieces and various accessories in the garments that make up their interdisciplinary projects.

A design that goes far beyond tradition and emphasizes community work thanks to the integration of photographic activities, exhibitions, interior design projects in the field of fashion shows, film cycles, research projects on sustainable fashion, very positively increasing the beware of their creations and activity of an academic nature and professional projection.

In the days preceding the competition, there is the presence of representatives of the young creation of the fashion world who pass on their experience by valuing artistic quality and creativity through their own work, this proximity to the professional field serves as an inspiration to young people who are beginning to visualize their future.

The coordinator of the initiative, Mercedes Fernández Morote, affirmed Grenada today that the students of the center “They not only design but also create and manufacture complete collections”, Yes commented that it is a work that unites various groups in the school: “There are entire collections made by students, which are then drawn by illustration students, later they will be made by stamping students…”.

Since its first edition, many public and private entities have supported the holding of the fashion show organized by the teachers and the school management, that with the Robles Pozo Foundation they expand knowledge for the student sector of the academy.

Nail track which presents a great story and which has counted in all its editions with the participation of important personalities from the cultural and fashion sectorAmong them: Jesús del Pozo, Enrique Loewe, Elio Berhanyer, Juan Duyos and Pedro Mansilla. The school principal, Blas Calero, said that the Jose Val del Omar School of Art since its inception”inspire change in the province’s new artistic generationsforming collaborations in the different institutions of Granada”.

event history

It all started as a set of activities focused on the world of fashion to promote the students and teachers of the center and its character as Higher Education in Design, to show some selected newbie artists through a competition who leave a part of themselves in each of their collections.

A project born within the school itself and that it has evolved into a precursor event in this sector, with a great presence in Andalusian and national territory, and which presents very outstanding parades and events in the panorama. The podium fortune enter the the most prestigious fashion shows in Andalusia. It shows the styling of young talents who promote its success and its ancestry.

Go beyond stereotypes and beat fashion was one of its great achievements and cultural impulses in which the School of Art participated in 2018. For this reason, during the eighth edition of the parade, Haitian designers Mackenley Darius and Morena Paula participated in the sample ‘Haiti in Granada’, which launched on the podium for promote the culture of the Caribbean country. This has created a deep bond between this country and Granada, which has promoted intercultural dialogue and unveiled a fashion that crosses borders.

One of the main objectives of the Fortuny Catwalk is to bring students into contact with the professional world, which is why it has been framed in a academic innovation project. Eight editions that culminated in introducing innovation programs focused on education, innovation, collaboration with the environment, international projection and promotion of culture. This gave students the opportunity to enter a more professional environment, with a more real project, in which they themselves own their ideas and interests.

Granada and the podium

The image of the city is fundamental in this event, which shows the multidisciplinary work of artists from Granada. There ‘100% made in Granada It is something that has given the city great notoriety and that took shape in the eighth edition of the parade, which included the participation of designers Lorena Mariscal and MAUNO (María Rosa Amat and Jesús Casas), who capture in each project their passion for the bride. fashion following a artisanal process which took its first steps in the Nasrid capital.

This Thursday, November 17, the Fortuny fashion show will begin its ninth edition, in which the selected finalists will be evaluated by a jury that will measure the learning and innovation process of young people in Granada.

The act will culminate with three awards, which will be awarded to the best collections designated by the judges, who will be representatives of culture, education and business in Andalusia, thus promoting one of the main evolutions of the parade, the cultural entertainment.

Among the parade events and activities will be the lectures by fashion designer Beatriz Peñalver and graphic designer Alfonso PerroRaro and the exhibition “Experimentation in fashion design from an interdisciplinary vision” which will be inaugurated soon at the José Val del Omar School of Art, giving another vision of this world.

The event will end with the exhibition ‘A replica of Ignacio Zuloaga and Manuel Ángeles Ortiz’ original print, pattern and fabric, organized by the Direction of the Alhambra and the Generalife, and the project ‘From the Jondo of Flamenco. Granada 1922’directed by Manuel de Falla who succeeded in marking the history of flamenco and in which the Granada poet Federico García Lorca collaborated.

A parade with history and great educational emphasis in which we can see an incredible evolution in the clothes of the next generation of designers, through work that serves as inspiration for future trends or clothes and which, thanks to its critical capacity, makes it possible to bring not only students but also the public to the culture of fashion design.


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