From 18 years for Gordó, to community work in Osácar, the sentences requested by the prosecutor, one by one

Thirty defendants and 16 legal entities will be those who will sit in the dock for a corruption plot that splatters what was for years the main Catalan party. The anti-corruption prosecution has just presented its indictment with the request for sanctions that they will incur during the trial. Several of them agree to obtain a reduced sentence in exchange for the recognition of the facts of which they are accused.

Request for 18 years and 10 months in prison

Germa Gordo

Lawyer by profession. Linked to politics and the CDC since his youth and to the Government almost from the start of his career. He was party director, responsible for institutional relations of the Ministry of Education, secretary of the first government of Artur Mas, minister of Justice in the second term and promoter of the political platform Nova Convergència with Teresa Maria Pitarch.

The prosecutor places him at the top of the organization: “Germá Gordó was for several years the contact (at least one of them) of the contractors with the Catalan public administration and the CDC. This contact, in addition to having been taken outside the legal channels and the function that corresponded to it within the Catalan Government, was directed to the benefit of the said contractors and that of the political party to which he belonged, objectives both opposed to the public good. “.

They ask for a year and a half in prison replaced by work for the benefit of the community

Daniel Oscar

CDC activist since 1982 and close to former President Artur Mas, of whom he became secretary. He was treasurer of the party between 2005 and 2010. Accused of the irregular financing of the formation by the looting of the Palau de la Música and sentenced to three years and six months in prison by the Supreme Court, but received the third degree after passing 75 days in Brians II prison.

Request for 21 years and four months in prison

André Viloca

Doctor by profession and businessman known for having been treasurer of the CDC and administrator of the CatDem and Nous Catalans foundations after Daniel Osàcar. He came to the Col.legi de Metges game in Barcelona. He developed his professional activity in the private sphere as a manager in an entity that owns a holding company of 15 companies with real estate, financial and insurance interests, among others.

According to the prosecutor’s file, Viloca, together with Osácar, were those who, at different times, exercised the responsibilities of treasurers of the CDC and the main economic and financial functions in the “Trías Fargas”, “We Catalans”, “CatDem” and “Forum Barcelona”. “foundations. which served to channel donations from businessmen to the party.

“In reality, the economic-financial team of the CDC was the same as that which ensured the accounting and economic-financial management of the foundations”, explains the public ministry.

Request for a year in prison and another 10 months of work for the benefit of the community

Francesc Xavier Sanchez

Lawyer by profession. He was responsible for the economic and legal area of ​​the CDC, for which he acted as a spokesman in court cases involving party officials. Artur Mas entrusted him with the preparation of the congress during which the CDC changed to PDECat, in July 2016.

According to the prosecutor, Sànchez has joined the criminal organization since joining the CDC as financial and legal officer in 2011. The prosecution is asking him for a year in prison for a criminal organization offense and an additional 10 months for other offenses which may be replaced. through jobs for the benefit of the community.

Request for 10 years in prison

Anna Dolors Benitez

She was the economic and financial manager of the CDC and, according to the judge of the National Court, José de la Mata, together with the former director and coordinator of the economic zone of the party, Carles del Pozo, she interacted with the former treasurer Andreu Viloca in all the management of donations to foundations linked to the CDC.

The indictment explains that he was part of the organization through which “they carried out these actions aimed at a single purpose: to subvert the rules of market competition and to use the direction of the Administrations to obtain illicit profit, personal and commercial. , in the case of businessmen, economics and politicians, in the case of leaders of political parties, by obtaining illegal financing”.

Request for 14 years in prison

Charles du Puits

CDC administrator since 2006, when he started working for Germà Gordó, whom he had known for many years. Former leader and former coordinator of the party’s economic space in 2011 and later secretary of the CatDem foundation.

Del Pozo was one of the CDC officials – according to the prosecutor – who influenced the authorities of different Catalan public administrations so that, “following his instructions, they modified the public tenders with the aim of awarding them to complicit companies so that they would make donations to the CDC foundations”.

Request for 10 years in prison

Polo Josep Antoni Rosell

The former Director General of Infrastructures of Catalonia is an engineer and worked in the Department of Agriculture of the Generalitat. In addition, he participated in the tendering of the largest public works awarded in Catalonia, the Segarra Garrigues canal.

The memorandum explains that the pattern of action has been repeated over and over again, reiterating the following elements: control of information on calls for tenders/adjudications from the office of the treasurer of the “CDC”, Viloca, relating to the various public administration; identification of companies to award previous calls for tenders; meetings between Viloca and people linked to these companies (CEOs, presidents, etc.), as well as with heads of public companies such as the defendants Rosell Polo, Vives Tomás and Cambra Sánchez, among others; monitoring and requesting donations from these companies to CDC through one of its foundations.

Four and a half year petition

Sixth Chamber

Businessman linked as an independent to CiU, a coalition of which he was a senator, he chaired the Port of Barcelona from 2011 to 2017.

Request for six years in prison

Antoni Vives

An economist linked to the independence movement in his youth, he joined the CDC in 1999. He directed the Fundació Trias Fargas and was deputy mayor for urban planning at Barcelona City Hall during the Xavier Trias period (2011-2015).

According to the prosecutor, among the public administrations participating in this organization was the Barcelona Port Authority, “among which leaders, linked to the CDC, were the defendants Sixte Cambra Sánchez (president) and Antoni Vives Tomás (vice-president and former deputy to the Mayor of Barcelona City Hall)”

Request for six and a half years in prison

Joseph Miarnau

Businessman belonging to one of the richest families in Spain. He was CEO of the construction company Comsa Emte, currently Comsa Corporación.

According to the letter, he was one of the businessmen “willing to pay commissions to maintain the privileged relationship with the aforementioned political force or to obtain rewards for the aforementioned works and services, breaking the equality in the competition of offers”.

seven year petition

Joan Maria Pujals

Politician with a long career in the CDC, he was mayor of Vila-seca i Salou from 1983 to 1993 and chaired the Provincial Council of Tarragona (1988-1992). He was Minister of Education (1992-1996) and Culture (1996-1999) in the governments of Jordi Pujol.

According to the prosecutor, along with other businessmen, “they systematically made clandestine payments to the party, under the guise of donations, through the foundations linked to the CDC, CatDem and Forum Barcelona”.

Request for 10 years in prison

Jordi Sumarroca Claverol

Son of Carles Sumarroca, one of the founders of CDC, his family is linked to Comsa Emte, among other companies. He chaired the now defunct Teyco construction company and was imprisoned for allegedly paying commissions for the award of public works in Torredembarra.

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