From his first great love to the jobs he no longer wants to do and the worst moment that ever happened

He became popular with fictions like They are iron, gentlemen dads, Wolf Yes The starsbut the first and great love of Vanessa Gonzalez It’s the theater because on stage he pours all his passion. These days it shines in The hands of Eduviges at birthfrom Thursday to Sunday at the Teatro Cervantes, and in June 2023 he will make his debut with Edmund, at the reopening of the Teatro Alvear. In addition, on December 1, it will premiere the wild sidea film by Juan Dickinson which has him as the protagonist along with Osmar Nuñez and Lautaro Delgado. in dialogue with THE NATION, the actress returned to her journey, the jobs she already knows she no longer wants to do and told how she adapts to the vagaries of work. He also talked about a media moment he experienced and what it generated for him.

-How did you get the proposal to shoot in Ushuaia?

-This is a job that came to me through my representative, Alejandro Vanelli. I knew it would be shot in Ushuaia and I was very attracted by the possibility of seeing a place I had never been. I also knew that it was something with a lot of commitment because you had to spend two months there. I found the book very interesting, especially because of this father-daughter bond which is crossed by a parallel situation which is happening in Ushuaia and which concerns dogs. Moreover, as the film is shot with a single camera, each actor has his plan, which means that a scene can be redone ten times.

-And how was the experience of living there for two months?

-It’s a wonderful group of actors, the coexistence went very well and it was a very valuable experience, also personally. It’s a beautiful place and we took the opportunity to get to know each other when we weren’t filming. On the weekend we rented a car and went for walks, jogging, trekking, we ate delicious. We shot in the transition from summer to autumn and the colors were incredible, red, burgundy, very emotional.

-You saw the movie? You love Me?

-I saw it in an unfavorable format, from my mobile phone, but I was very anxious and wanted to see it. It’s very difficult for me to see something that I’m working on because I can’t abstract myself. I was afraid that the film was shot in two parts: we started with the second half and then we filmed the beginning. I was interested to see how it worked and thought it was very interesting for Dickinson to film this way because the bond was closer between the actors and the coexistence was positive. I was happy to see him, but I don’t feel able to talk about my work. Of course, the concern I had disappeared.

-You were the heroine of several television soap operas at the beginning of your career, was turning to the theater something planned?

-When I was very young, at 5 or 6 years old, I always imagined myself playing on stage. My desire was crossed to put some body, but I didn’t think of a wardrobe, nor of anything aesthetic. I didn’t go to the theater much because none of my relatives were into anything arts-related, but when we saw performances I had the impulse to be on stage putting on my body.

-And when did you start studying theatre?

-At the age of 12, I started studying at Banfield, where I grew up, and the teacher told my father to take me somewhere else, where I could spend more time because he noticed that I really loved being there and was looking forward to it. I studied with Lito Cruz and the first thing I did was theater at 16 with a play we wrote with two classmates called so female dogs. Lito always said, “Study acting, but go out and show. Do not hide.” We listened to it (laughs). Then I started doing television and in the first half I didn’t do theater because I recorded many hours, but theater has always been my home and I saw it as a space of development. When I grew up and worked with Helena Tritek, something solidified in me and I understood that the theater made me happy. Of course television is a wonderful space and allows many more people to see you, but theater is my home.

“When I grew up and worked with Helena Tritek, something solidified for me and I realized that the theater made me happy. Of course, television is a wonderful space and allows many more people to see, but the theater is my home”, says Vanesa González Santiago Cichero/AFV

-Are there any fiction projects?

-The last thing I did on open TV was The starsin thirteen, and apachefor Netflix and which was also seen on Telefe. In theory, by the end of next year, there are possibilities to do a series and a movie for the month of February. They are very different spaces also in terms of energy. Doing theater is like doing sports, you have to eat well, rest. The cinema is more relaxed, you have more normal hours.

– What is the work in which you play in Cervantes about?

-You are talking about a family traversed by a kind of gift that Eduviges has in his hands: it expels water. The family tries to take advantage of it and in the middle it looks like another girl left for dead. It’s a work by Wajdi Mouawad, directed by Cristian Drut, and we’re there until mid-December, from Thursday to Sunday, at 6:00 p.m. The idea is to stop and put it back in 2023. I really like doing it because it invites us to imagine other possible realities. In April we started rehearsing Edmund, by Alexis Michalik, on the life of Edmond Rostand, author of Cyrano de Bergerac. We premiere next June, with Felipe Colombo and Miguel Ángel Rodríguez, at the Presidente Alvear Theater, which reopens after a long period.

-Have you always managed to make a living as an actor?

-This profession has many ups and downs, but from a very young age I can live from what I love and this is one of the most important quotas of happiness in my life. When I was 20, I left home and went through times of great uncertainty because our job is a tetrisbut at some point you know what kind of actress you want to be, which projects interest you and make you happy and which hurt you.

"At 20 I left my home and I went through times of great uncertainty because our work is a tetris, but at some point you know what kind of actress you want to be, what projects interest you and you make you happy and which ones make you feel bad"reflects González
“At the age of 20 I left my home and I went through moments of great uncertainty because our work is a tetris, but at some point you know what kind of actress you want to be, what projects you ‘interest and make you happy and which ones make you feel bad’ reflects GonzálezSantiago Cichero/AFV

– Were there any jobs you struggled with?

-Some give you an economic leap, but they don’t fulfill you, they don’t identify you and they damage your health. I did things I didn’t like and the price was high, I don’t put my health at risk for work anymore. I have learned. My job is very important in my life, it’s my calling and if I put my body in a place where I don’t feel comfortable, it hurts me.. I prefer to live tighter or deprive myself of certain things, but sleep peacefully. Not doing certain things is managing my creativity and I attach a lot of importance to it. I teach acting and it also has a great structure and I’m always studying something.

-What are you studying now?

-In February, I started psychology at UBA, which I postponed a lot for professional reasons. It’s a profession that interests me and helps me in my work, it enriches me and these spaces give me joy. I studied theater and performing arts direction, with Raúl Serrano, dance workshops, and I also entered Unsam (Universidad de San Martín) in anthropology because I plan to do this degree a day.

-A few years ago you said you were bisexual and a media scandal broke out, did you regret it?

-I never regret being me, but at the time I had a bad time and suffered a lot because I had not made this note for the support that published it. It hurt and I felt like I was wrong, but not for talking about me and being me. I have a quiet and very equal life in my intimacy, I still have the same friends. I felt like I had been slapped. It was very uncomfortable. It’s something that happened many years ago and that’s it. Besides, it seemed old to me that it was news.

-Are you in a relationship now?

I will save this.

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