from Joe Biden’s promises to fear of forced labor in Russia

Have you forgotten United States of Britney Griner? Society certainly does not. The WNBA and her companions from phoenixmercury That is. And even less his family. But perhaps the political elite of the country and especially its president, Joe Biden, Yes. Everyone was working tirelessly to get the basketball player back, but those efforts didn’t pay off and it’s been weeks since anyone gave an update on her situation.

Brittney Griner is being held in a prison in Moscow after being charged with drug use and smuggling after a series of cans of cannabis oil were found in her suitcase that were to be used as refills for a vaping machine. The player confirmed that what appeared in her suitcase was for her own consumption and, above all, as part of medical therapy to combat her injuries and chronic pain.

He had accidentally put it there while quickly packing his luggage, not realizing that in Russia These types of practices are prohibited. However, he didn’t want to generate any type of conflict, let alone participate in anything resembling a smuggling ring. This is the position that the United States government and its own advisers have advised him to take in order to have a trial and a conviction as soon as possible. It was the previous step to be able to participate in a prisoner exchange.

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The intention of Joe Biden’s government was to offer a Russian prisoner who was in one of his American prisons the possibility of receiving the player in exchange and thus guaranteeing her freedom. However, she is still in prison, was sentenced to almost ten years in prison and has not heard from the exchange. His family is desperate and his partner demands an explanation as the risk of ending up in a forced labor center in the Russian hell grows.

Viktor Bout and Britney Griner.

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The despair of his family

The American basketball player is going through the most difficult period of her life. Even above the controversial arrest he suffered in February, when the war between Russia and Ukraine broke out. This conflict and the strained relations between the country of Vladimir Poutine and Joe Biden, greatly affected Griner’s situation. The Olympic medalist does not see the end of her ordeal, which the national government had promised her.

Cherelle, his wife, the person who suffers the most from this situation with Brittney herself, has now granted an interview to the SCS where he expressed the fears that the whole environment of the basketball player has. Despite the fact that they were able to communicate little due to the distance and the isolation situation that Griner is subjected to in Russia, she claims to know perfectly well how her romantic partner is doing. And he assures that it is totally destroyed.

The feeling they all have right now is that of Brittney herself, who is growing suspicious of the United States government after deluding herself when they assured her that she would have to plead guilty to not not further delay the situation. Now she feels alone and helpless with an unjust sentence of more than nine years to serve.

“She is very afraid that they will leave her and forget her in Russia, or that they will use her completely to the point of harming her.” This conveyed Cherelle, tears in his eyes, his voice broken and totally destroyed. They describe the suffering as superhuman and are truly panicked, since they even think that they will not be able to see their loved one again and even that they will not be able to overcome the situation they are facing.

The last time they were able to speak to him, Griner delivered a message to them: “Swind that my life does not matter to anyone”. A few words that broke the hearts and souls of everyone around the basketball player, but also of those who followed one of the most controversial cases that society lived together, politics and sports in the United States.

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Phoenix Mercury List calls for Brittney Griner's release

Phoenix Mercury List calls for Brittney Griner’s release


fear of russian hell

The next step in Brittney Griner’s case is her defense appeal hearing. This is set for October 25. A date that seems key. However, the player herself and those around her suspect that until then a lot of things could still happen that could endanger her situation and her physical integrity.

The dangers for Griner are not over, but could begin after his audition. The biggest risk the American player now faces is being sent to a forced labor camp in another part of the country. If that happened, in addition to the imposing grief, his whole family, with his wife Cherelle at the head, would lose all form of fluid communication with her.

There, she could be subjected to all kinds of physical abuse and abuse without anyone knowing. And among the most likely destinations could be Siberia, which would add to his ordeal the intense cold from which the famous Russian hell suffers. This possibility will be known after the meeting of the 25th.

Cherelle assures that although Brittney does not, she continues to trust in justice and the work of the American government. He believes that Joe Biden is doing everything he can to speed up the process and that he can get out of Russia as soon as possible, whether with this prisoner swap or otherwise. However, the percentage of doubt and mistrust also increases.

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“Biden is doing what he can, but there’s another part to this situation.” Cherelle refers to the mentality of Vladimir Putin. The leader of Kremlin he makes things very difficult and if he does not change his position, Griner could pay dearly. The player was arrested in February and as her companion now denounces, they were only able to speak on the phone in August. And they fear that this tendency to lose the possibility of contact will increase.

This conversation produced a state of calm, but the following ones produced the opposite: “These are the most disturbing phone calls I have ever had.” The fear of losing Griner is total right now and the desperation that Joe Biden fails to redirect the situation is growing exponentially. For now, Putin is gaining the upper hand while Brittney is consumed with fear of ending up in a labor camp.

Russia–Ukraine War


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