From Mallorca to Australia: “As a digital nomad, I can better manage my work and leisure”

A computer and an internet connection are the only things Magda Rebassa needs to work from anywhere in the world. At 29, the Mallorcan has decided leave everything and go to another continent: Australia. There he was working to realize his pending subject: learning English, until through the social network Linkedin he contacted the study agency YouTooProject, and after a selection process he obtained the position that n had nothing to do with his studies. “I studied naval engineering in Barcelona and then project management, and I worked there for about 10 years. When I started at the agency in Australia, my studies had nothing to do with the international education, but little by little I integrated into my profile and now I remotely manage more than 100 employees from all over the world”.

The agency helps students travel to the antipodes to learn English, and has workers from different countries, “but mainly from Japan and South America”, explains Magda, who defines herself as “100% digital nomad.”


Magda Rebassa works and lives on horseback between Majorca and Sydney. She is currently on the island because after two years of the pandemic “it has been impossible to return”, but she is based in Australia, where she lives most of the time and where she represents the values ​​of a new way to relate to a changing world: “Being a digital nomad it’s a luxury not only allows you to do it from anywhere, but the flexibility allows me to manage my free time the best I can do”.

“I have my vacation period like any other employee, but not being in a fixed place allows me to do my eight-hour day, for example in Thailand, and when I’m done, go and enjoy and discover the place. I think this is the biggest advantage and difference from other works, and I get the same stability the economy and employment,” she enthuses.

Being a digital nomad is “live and travel while working, something very fruitful and which corresponds to forming, facing the future, a family; We have a deep-rooted concept that if you have kids or a partner you can’t travel, I think in the years to come that’s the way of life I want.”

Magda works, lives and travels with her friends and her partner, and shows that some of her colleagues they work by traveling in a caravan around town.


Waiting for a settlement that the current government is developing to grant a new Visa for digital nomads that enables remote work for foreign companies, and that the Palma City Hall clarify what project attract this type of worker during the low season to palm beach -which has generated in recent weeks a new crisis in the parties of the Pact-, Magda thinks that Mallorca is ideal to be a digital nomadl since “it’s a paradise”, in addition to being his land, but admit obstacles: “Everything is much more expensive here, in the sense that in Australia the prices, although they are higher than here, are equal to the wages, and the capacity to save is greater.”

The young woman insists that “Being a digital nomad on the island is not a very established concept; in Australia there are many more facilities designed for us, there are even prepared campsites, and also permanent employment opportunities”. In fact, it is worth mentioning that the digital portal Nomad List places Mallorca under the top 300 destinations for digital nomads, occupying post number 349.

On the other hand, he explains Difficulty obtaining visas: “Coming to Spain if you come from non-European countries such as Argentina or Colombia is very complicated, you have to pay for a course that is worth a fortune and obtain a visa to be able to work, otherwise it is impossible”, laments Magda.

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