From tomorrow, the students of the People’s University exhibit their work at the XX Art Fair

Performances at the Juan Luis Galiardo Theater, craft exhibitions at some stands in the Alameda Alfonso XI and live exhibitions of various techniques make up the program of events for this event marked by the pandemic.

Performances at the theater will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, and the official inauguration and opening of the stands will take place on Tuesday 30; there will also be painting exhibitions in the Espace Jeune.

People’s University councilor David Ramos stressed that this activity “is the culmination of the work carried out this year, a difficult year due to the pandemic, but that together, with responsibility and affection, we have solved” .

At the Alameda, the works of the jewelry and accessories workshops, of the instructor Mª Isabel Rubio Gallego, will be exhibited; Ceramics and clay tower, by Cristina García Rojas; Sewing Court of Lucía López; Encuadernarte y Emppapelarte, by Mª Isabel Rubio Gallego; Introduction to Crochet, by Juani Carrillo; Dawn Crafts, by Inma Salvador; Crafts for adults, by Mª Isabel Casas Galdeano; Patchwork, by María Carmen Ruíz Perea; Painting on fabric, by Isabel Nieto; Restoration, decorative painting, recycling and craftsmanship, by Carmen Lozano Carrasco; Introduction to sewing and crafts, by Josefina Góngora; Digital photography, by Socorro Luis; Isabel Mena Coils; and Ceramics, by María Vega.

In the Espacio Joven showroom, works from the oil painting and drawing workshops of teacher Silvia Heredia Camacho; and oil painting, by Isaac Cruces.

Performances at the Juan Luis Galiardo Theater will have free admission from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. They will take place on Wednesday, August 31, during which the flamenco and Latin dance workshops will take place; and on Thursday, September 1, creative writing, sign language, Latin dance and flamenco guitar workshops.

Additionally, at the Alameda there will be demonstrations of some of the workshops. Tuesday, from 10 to 11 a.m., sign language, by María José Moreno; at 11 a.m. Hook, by Juani Carrillo; and at 6 p.m. Patchwork, by Carmen Ruiz.

On Wednesday the demonstrations will take place at 10 am: Bookbinding and Paper Crafts, by Mariely; at 11 a.m. Oil painting, by Isaac Cruces; at 6 p.m. Ceramics, by María Vega; at 7:00 p.m. Photography, by Socorro Luis; and at 20 the Restoration, by Carmen Lozano.

On Thursday at 10 a.m. there will be a demonstration of the Healthy Yoga Workshop, by María José López; at 11 the Bolillos, by Isabel Mena; at 6:00 p.m. Sewing and Handicrafts, by Josefina Góngora; and at 7 p.m. Oil painting, by Silvia Heredia.

Finally, on Friday 2, there will be demonstrations of pottery and clay workshops, by Cristina García, at 10 a.m.; “Flamenco and Latin dances” by Mireia Holgado at 11 a.m. and at noon crafts for adults, by Maribel Casas.

This People’s University 2022 course had 54 workshops. In San Roque Ciudad, 26 workshops were offered: clay and modelling; flamenco dances and folklore; Latin and ballroom dancing; biodance and coaching; jewelry and accessories; Flemish cajon; adult ceramics and modelling; children’s pottery; kitchen; cuts and preparation; dance and choreography for children; obligatory; paper crafts; creative writing; Third Age Gymnastics; flamenco guitar; English for children and teenagers; work and crafts for the elderly; sign language; Arts and crafts; pastry and confectionery; patchwork; oil painting and drawing; restoration and decorative painting; Wood carving; and healthy yoga for the elderly.

Four workshops are offered at Campamento: Latin and ballroom dancing; introduction to sewing; oil painting; and Third Age gymnastics.

In Puente Mayorga, five workshops are offered: Gymnastics for the elderly; flamenco guitar; crochet and crafts; oil painting; and crafts for adults.

In Guadarranque, the digital photography and development workshop.

At San Roque station, two workshops: embroidery and knitting; and crochet and crafts.

In Taraguilla, three workshops: Gymnastics for the Third Age; crafts and work for the elderly; and fabric painting.

In Guadiaro, four other workshops: Gymnastics for the Third Age; oil painting; ceramic; and restoration and decorative painting.

In San Enrique, four workshops: flamenco dances and folklore; Third Age Gymnastics; oil painting; and restoration and decorative painting.

And, finally, five workshops in Torreguadiaro: flamenco dances and folklore; Latin and ballroom dancing; coils; Third Age Gymnastics; and flamenco guitar.

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