Fundación Miradas, Autismo Burgos and UBU join forces for the development of scientific work – Burgos

Fundación Miradas, Autismo Burgos and the University of Burgos have signed a specific collaboration agreement for the development of scientific work: “Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques” and “Deep Learning” for the development of methods and models applied to autism diagnosis. The renewal of this specific agreement, signed in 2018, is circumscribed in the framework agreement signed between the Miradas Foundation and the UBU, dated May 20, 2015, for the creation of the Autism Chair ‘Miradas por el autismo’, for which establishes, among others, a collaboration in research.

The degree hall of the Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences of the University of Burgos hosted the signing of this document, in the presence of the Vice-Rector for Research, Transfer and Innovation of the University of Burgos, José Miguel Garcia Perez; the president of the Autism Association of Burgos, Simona Palacios, and the director of the Miradas Foundation, Miguel Gómez Gentil.

“Exploratory research that unites two worlds as different as the in-depth knowledge of autism, provided by the association and computer science, with a very high social impact and immediate results”, assured the Vice-Rector for Research. , Transfer and Innovation, José Miguel García Pérez. For his part, the director of the Miradas Foundation explained that the BB Miradas program for the early detection of autism collected millions of data from 276 babies aged 4 to 36 months in Burgos, 60 of whom were diagnosed early, “which considerably improves their quality of life and that of their families”

“Following the ‘eye tracking’ technique, children are exposed to images and videos and their reaction is recorded in milliseconds, which gives us clues to make a diagnosis, but the potential to predict autism by analyzing these data requires experts in data processing”. , where the UBU intervenes”, detailed Miguel Gómez.

Autismo Burgos and Fundación Miradas will transfer the data and the sample, for analysis by the GRINUBUMET group, led by Joaquín Pacheco and the Consolidated Research Unit recognized by the Junta de Castilla y León UIC070, led by Silvia Casado, associated with said group, who will analyze the data.

The working team of this convention “Application of Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning techniques for the development of methods and models applied to the diagnosis of Autism” will be made up of the UBU research group and its associated unit, composed of mathematicians, economists and computer engineers, who work at the Faculty of Economics, and Dr. María Merino, Fernando Terradillos, Miguel Gómez and Javier Arnáiz on behalf of the Miradas Foundation and the Autism Association of Burgos.

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Professor Pacheco thanked the trust placed in UBU researchers and highlighted the potential that data analysis models developed for industry can have in this field and generate predictive algorithms. Simona Palacios Antón, underlined the value of early detection tests “A thorough analysis of the data will tell us which tests have greater predictive value, which will allow us to intervene earlier and will mean a significant improvement in the quality of life” , said.

Finally, Migue Gómez highlighted how the Miradas program has been working on the transfer for two years and this month the provinces of Seville, Murcia, Badajoz and Albacete will begin diagnostic work on babies following this technique of “eye tracking”. . “It will generate a lot more data that will feed into the analysis process, which will speed up investigation and diagnosis,” he explained.

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