Get ready: it will be the work of trees and potholes the week that begins in the city of Mendoza

The Municipality of the City of Mendoza signals the new working hours in trees, public spaces and streets of the capital of Mendoza. The main objective is to maintain the trees, green spaces and streets of the City in optimal conditions to provide better living conditions for residents and occasional passers-by.

Here are the routes:

Tree works from 10/31 to 11/4


The forest branches located in the neighborhood of San Martín and Plaza Aliar will be demined.


Planting of new trees in specific addresses in the city of Mendoza.
Training pruning and establishment of new forests in the neighborhood of San Martín.
Stump removal at specific points in the City

360 operative

– Cleaning and tidying up District 33 property.
– Branching of foresters in city squares (Spain, Independencia, etc.)


A manto: from Malouines, Yrigoyen, Mathus Hoyos, places of July 9 and Constituents.
By reservoir: irrigation in the western districts, Fourth Section East, First, Third, Fifth and Sixth Section.

Green spaces

Cleaning, watering and maintenance tasks will be carried out in all the squares of the city and the disinfection of children’s games, benches and garbage cans in: Plaza Italia; Spanish Square; St. Martin’s Square:

Improvement of flowerbeds, rearrangement and addition of flowering plants.
Size of shrubs

Independence Square:

– Shrub aggregate in the income-generating pedestrian area of ​​Sarmiento
– Improvement of beds, redevelopment and addition of flowering plants.
– Reseeding and fertilizing the lawn
– Painting of lampposts, piles and garbage cans
– Floor renovation with neutral detergents and degreasers

Landmark of Alpatacal Street and Argentinian Railways: enhancement of the monument.

Linear Park of Olivares: laying of garbage cans

MICU website: painting of infrastructure; repairs and refunctionalization of the water source.

San Martin Square, Vergara Square and Yrigoyen Square: sanding of benches, walls and different sectors.

Access to the city (Pedro B. Palacios and Vicente Zapata): debris removal; soil preparation in a newly implanted flower bed; Placement of shrubs and flowers according to the design.

Spain Square; Independence Square: playground cleaning operation

Entrance to the La Favorita district roundabout: improvement of flower beds, rearrangement and addition of flowering plants.

Disinfection and sanitation of public spaces

Disinfection tasks will be carried out with sodium hypochlorite and washing of the rubber floors of the children’s play areas of: Plaza España, Independencia, Cobo, Yrigoyen, Parque O’Higgins, Caseros, Sarmiento.

Disinfection will also be carried out in the exercise places of: Paseo Palero and Parque Lineal Nicolino Locche; and Champagnat district, Sovereignty and Health.

Wet cleaning of floors with sodium hypochlorite Plazas Independencia, Yrigoyen, Caseros, Vergara, Caseros, Malvinas, Spain, Italy and Chile.

The disinfection of the places occupied by the artisans of Paseo Villalonga and Plaza Independencia will be reinforced.

-Washing and disinfection of games located at PROCREAR.

-Wet cleaning of galleries and streets belonging to the cemetery.

2022 Spray Disinfection Calendar

-Monday 31/10: Fifth Section

-Tuesday 11/1: Plaza Independencia and Boulevard Miter.

-Wednesday 11/2: Alameda Walk.

Schedule subject to weather and operating conditions.

Patching work week from 3/10 to 10/10

cold patch

31/10 Olascoaga Street, between Paraná and JA Street.
1/11 rue M. de Rozas, between B. Houssay and Maure
2/11 rue M. de Rozas, between J. Newbery and E. Civit.
3/11 Rue M. de Rozas, between E. Civit and Mariano Moreno.
4/11 Rodríguez Street, between Mariano Moreno and E. Civit
5/11 vacancies.

31/10 Salta street, between Cordoba and Ayacucho.
1/11 Salta Street, between Ayacucho and Cnel. Diaz.
2/11 rue JF Moreno, between Col. Diaz and Ayacucho.
3/11 JF Moreno Street, between Ayacucho and San Luis
4/11 Montecaseros Street, between Buenos Aires and Ayacucho.
5/11 vacancies.

hot patch

31/10 Colon Street. Díaz, between J. Jufré and Cnel. Ramirez.
1/11 Peru Street, between Godoy Cruz and Barcala.
2/11 rue du Pérou, between Barcala and E. Blanco.
3/11 Peru Street, between Barcala and E. Blanco.
4/11 Peru Street, between E. Blanco and Cnel. Square.
5/11 vacancies.

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