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Through the policies issued by the President of the Republic Nicolas Maduro Moor, different infrastructure works are underway in the State of Mérida and the Governor of the Bolivarian State of Mérida Jehyson Guzman accompanied by the Minister of Public Works Raul Paredesthe National Chief of the Barrio Nuevo Tricolor Mission el General Reynzer Rojas Omana and journalists from various media, toured and inspected to assess the progress of the work.

During the visit it was possible to visualize part of the progress made in the municipality Albert Adrian, where engineers specializing in civil construction works have joined forces to consolidate and strengthen the infrastructure projects undertaken by the state government, among which we can mention the construction of the bridge that crosses the Chama Dos River where it is scheduled to complete the works for the month of December, as reported by the governor of the state Jehyson Guzmán.

In the same way, he explained that the establishment of the cement plant accelerated part of the completion of these works as well as the asphalt plant, two important plants that will later generate benefits directly for the municipality of ‘Alberto Adriani and the Pan-American Axis. .

In the same way, Guzmán explained part of the assessment of the scope of the recovery plan of the watchtower, from the toll section to Don Pepe Rojas, where asphalt works continue, alternative works for advance in the various public works in the repair of the ways of communication.

Inspection of works in the false Garibaldi tunnel

On the other hand, the important work of the covered trench tunnel of Garibaldi was inspected, where the gabion walls of protection, channeling and drainage are built, which also generate benefits and tranquility for those who go in Mérida, Mocotíes and El Vigía.

“This work allows us to visualize the achievements of the works and dismantle the matrix of opinion that the cut-and-cover tunnel is about to fall, but on the contrary, the progress of the works and the power that will mean the culmination of the recovery of this important section of the road,” Guzmán said.

In the same way, Guzmán explained part of the works that have been carried out in the three tunnels that connect Mérida with El Vigía, Estanque, Caña Brava and Santa Teresa in the connection plans, reconnection, placement of lights, activation of extractors, works that are constantly developing with preventive closures in order to complete the works in this important sector.

Guzmán thanked all the inhabitants of Mérida for the contribution they leave to the toll, a collection that allows investing in the works carried out on this important communication route.

Recovery of a section of road via La Gonzales

This failure in the sector of Las Gonzales is a permanent fracture, where through the Government’s Department of Infrastructure and Housing “the drainage, canalization and recovery of this stretch of road is carried out to guarantee that the economy of Mérida, safety, calm and friendliness traffic and that all visitors can enjoy the recovery of the city of Mérida, there are still many sections to recover, to improve especially in the direction of Mérida El Vigía, El Vigía La Tendida, in preparing for the opening of the border” underlined.

It is important to highlight that during this inspection approach, part of the work that the workers are carrying out has been highlighted, where it is estimated that for the month of December, the culmination of the works of the bridge that crosses the Chama Dos River will be completed.

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