Great participation in the webinar Employment to prevent falls on roofs

Train and raise awareness of risk prevention in work on fragile and impractical roofs of industrial buildings and greenhouse roofs, to prevent falls: this is the objective of the online seminar to which more than 200 businessmen, prevention and human resources professionals, workers and students have registered today, organized by the Center for the Prevention of Occupational Risks of the Junta, dependent on the Delegation of Employment, Business and Self-Employmentand the Provincial Association of Workers’ Compensation Mutuals, with the collaboration of Fremap and MultiGarBen.

As the employment delegate explained, amos garcia, during the inauguration of the webinar, is one of the actions included in the joint and coordinated work plan on the prevention of occupational risks launched by the Employment Delegation with the Confederation of Companies of the Province of Almería, Asempal, UGT, CCOO and the provincial association of AMAT mutuals. The President of Asempal, Jose Cano; the secretary general of UGT Almería, Carmen Vidal; the general secretary of CCOO Almería, Antonio Valdivieso; and the delegate of the Association of Mutual Workers’ Compensation Insurance Associations of Almería, Antonio Camacho.

Amós García explained that in this joint plan “special attention is paid to the prevention of accidents due to falls due to the increase in work at height, with the placement of Christmas lights in municipalities and companies on these dates and the boom in the installation of photovoltaic energy systems. In this sense, he recalled the serious consequences of falls from heights, which are the third most frequent form of fatal accident after traffic accidents and pathologies non-traumatic.

The president of Asempal described as “a success the fact of starting the series of awareness-raising actions with this conference focused on the prevention of falls from heights because it is one of the main causes of fatal accidents”. “Safety training is vital and it is up to all of us to learn and change the attitude towards safety,” he added. Jose Canowhile recalling “that all accidents can be avoided and that we are all responsible for our safety”.

The Secretary General of CCOO Almería expressed his “satisfaction with the change of direction that prevention has taken in Almería with the new path of dialogue and collaboration opened by the employment delegate and between all the agents involved in the workplace “. “We are all united by the same objective, to reduce the rate of work accidents in our province to zero”, indicated Antonio Valdivieso, who underlined the importance of programming training actions that deal with specific and frequent risks such as than falls from heights.

The general secretary of UGT Almería said that “training is a fundamental element for prevention delegates to be able to act in companies and raise awareness among workers and society in general, it must be on the agenda of administrations and the media”. “The life and health of the workers are the most important thing”, added Carmen Vidal.

The delegate of the Association of mutual insurance companies against accidents at work, Antonio Camacho, underlined “the commitment of mutas collaborating with social security with the reduction of occupational risks and in particular with falls from heights, which are implicit in many activities”. The day saw Francisco Díaz, civil engineer, technical engineer in civil engineering and public works, as well as the technician Mutua Fremap as first responder. His presentation focused on explaining the technical safety criteria for carrying out work on roofs.

Then, Cosme Cosme Ángel Romera, manager of the technical department of the MultiGarBen company, took the floor, who presented to the participants the systems of protection against falls from height in greenhouses, the construction and maintenance of greenhouses.

Face-to-face session on December 13

Amós García recalled that the December 13 another training meeting will take place, in this case face-to-face, also focused on the prevention of risks in working at height and on roofs, in which the guide of recommendations for the use of temporary lifelines in works and, in addition, practical demonstrations by a specialized company. The employment delegate encouraged companies, middle managers, prevention delegates, workers, prevention technicians and workplace and safety students to register for this conference which will take place on December 13 at the Archaeological Museum of Almería, which is collaborating by handing over the facilities.

The meeting “Work at height, fragile roofs: study, measures and proposal for the prevention of falls from height” will take place from 9:00 a.m., in collaboration with the companies MultiGarBen and Agranaltura and the Andalusian Institute for the Prevention of Occupational Accidents Risks (IAPRL), dependent on the Ministry of Employment, Business and Self-Employment.

The presentations will begin with the intervention of Juan Carlos Rubiouniversity professor and director of the Laboratory of the Observatory for the preventive management of SMEs in Andalusia (LAGEPYME), who will talk about preventive measures against falls from height in skylights and skylights of non-passable fragile roofs of industrial buildings.

will follow Luis Colmenero, Head of the IAPRL Promotion Office, who will present the document of recommendations for the use of certified working provisional lifelines prepared by the Institute. Next, Sergio Fernandeztrainer and head of the Agranaltura rescue team, will give a practical demonstration of working at height with personal protective equipment.

Subsequently, it will intervene Cosme Angel Romeramanager of the Technical Service of the company MultiGarBen, whose presentation will focus on the typology of fragile roofs and certified protection systems, their installation and maintenance.


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