He showed all the jobs he had in the United States and how it changed his life

The success stories of immigrants to the United States are real. Tuty Vega is a Colombian who came to the country to seek opportunities and a better quality of life.. It’s been a long and hard road, but now she has a stable job as a teacher. On top of that, he takes his job of spreading his experiences very seriously.

Recently, one of the 30-year-old Colombian’s TikTok videos went viral. She showed the professional journey she has experienced since her arrival in the United States and which led her to become a teacher. Her path started with cleaning jobs and even as a TV presenter, until she finally found her calling.

Although he studied a career in finance and international trade, the young woman decided to leave her native country at 26. His first destination was Phoenix, but there he was disappointed. After finding out that wasn’t what he thought, he decided to move to Atlanta. The hardest part was over, but now he had to choose what he would do to survive.

The success story of a Colombian in the United States has gone viral on TikTok

“The first step in adapting to a new culture is to forget who you were in your birthplace.. And if you’re going to migrate, you have to be reborn,” he continued in his YouTube video, which he captioned: “It was worth emigrating to the United States?”.

After leaving Colombia, he started looking for work. His main problems were that he did not know English and did not have the necessary permits. For this reason, his first job consisted of activities such as cleaning tables or toilets in a restaurant. Despite working long hours, he was paid $4 an hour plus tips.. Long distances were another point against, as he had to cycle up to 50 minutes to get to work.

Tuty only lasted a few months there and moved on to another job where she worked as a waitress. Since the salary was better, he was able to buy a truck and He hired a lawyer who helped him get his papers in order: “That’s the first thing they should invest in,” he recommended.

Despite the fact that so far it seemed like everything was uphill, before finding stability he went through some bad times. Believing that she would fulfill one of her dreams, she started working as a presenter for a Hispanic social media show. However, he gave it up after a short time and described it as “the worst experience” of his life.

With everything in order, at the beginning of 2020, the young woman found her “first legal job” in a hotel with better pay and benefits. She was barely adjusting when her life took another turn and she was laid off due to the pandemic. Not knowing which direction to take, she tried working as a babysitter, but that didn’t work out either.

Subsequently, the Colombian made the decision to apply for a nursery. This experience was what sparked his interest in furthering his preparation and since then subsequent jobs have been at other schools.

Tuty is now a public school teacher in the United States
Tuty is now a public school teacher in the United StatesInstagram / tuty_vega

“I tried my luck as a Spanish teacher in a private school”, follow up. There he taught classes for students up to the ninth grade: “Without experience, without a degree in anything. Simply with God and acquiring what they were teaching me,” he added.

At the beginning of 2022 and with the intention of improving, he made the decision to apply to a public school, where he currently works. Tuty Vega is very active on social networks. He continually posts content about his work so that his followers learn more about his life in the United States.


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