Here are the 15 best paid jobs in Spain

The Infojobs job portal publishes its report every year State of the labor market in Spainin which, among other things, are collected what are the better paying jobs in our country.

as collected Work Newsfour of the ten best paid jobs in Spain belong to companies in the ICT sector (information and communication technologies). These are the 15 best paid jobs in Spain.

Embedded systems design

engineer salaries Software integrated in Spain are around the €44,437 per year, and can even reach €50,889 per year.

To be eligible for such a position, you must hold an engineering degree from Software and know how to program perfectly in C language (CS50), Arduino and the creation of microcontrollers.

construction management

The annual salary for industry and construction professionals starts at €44,895. To be a site manager, it is necessary to have a degree in architecture, technical architecture, engineering or technical engineering.

ICT business analyst

The median salary for a Junior ICT Business Analyst is €36,737 per year, although in the case of senior IT Business Analyst profiles, it is possible to reach €59,988 per year.

A degree in computer engineering and work experience, science and research, financial engineering, mathematics, statistics and telecommunications are required.

Real estate agent

The average plot of real estate agents exceeds €55,000 annual. In Spain, the Autonomous Community where the greatest demand has been registered is that of the Canary Islands.

Architecture of ICT systems

Workers dedicated to systems architecture receive a payroll of €46,199 monthly. To qualify for such a position, a degree in the field of information and communication technologies (ICT) is required. It will also be possible to gain access by studying some of the following degrees: Degree in Computer Engineering; Degree in data science or degree in computational mathematics.

Database design

Database designer salaries start at €40,000 annually and can reach €53,365 per year. It is one of the professions with the highest demand for labor in 2022 and to enter it it is necessary to know SQL and NOSQL databases such as MongoDB and to know how to manage Linux and Windows systems Server.

Financial direction

A financial management professional has an average salary of €44,147 and it is necessary to have a Diploma in Business Administration and Management (ADE).

Human Resources Director

A human resources manager in Spain receives an average salary of €44,584. If you work in a large company, the salary can go up to €76,607 annual.

ICT technical manager

Managers as technician in information and communication technologies have an average salary of €47,187 annually and are responsible for ensuring that IT services are up and running, running smoothly, and free from mishaps.

Branch Manager

In 2022, a director of a financial branch receives an average salary of €52,710 annual. A higher education in the field of economics and business is necessary and a master’s degree, an advanced course or a postgraduate degree in the specialization of one of these fields is generally required.

operations management

An operations manager in Spain has an average salary of 58,924 euros per year, although in some cases they can reach up to €103,042. A degree in business administration and management or a degree in economics is required. Also a master’s degree in operations management or full courses in operations management.


Dentists in Spain have a salary of €56,489 Gross annual. The maximum salary is €64,769 per year, which after removal of income tax and other taxes remains at approximately €3,600 per month of work.

security consulting

Security consultants start with a salary of €39,000 per year, but over time they can achieve rewards of up to €175,000 per year.

General secretary

The average salary of general secretaries is €85,342 annual. In exceptional cases and depending on the company, this can reach 109,686 euros per year of work.

Delegate Advisor

The highest paid job in Spain is that of CEO, which on average can reach €60,309 annual. In the case of acting as an executive director, this can be multiplied up to 20.


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