Here are the most in-demand jobs and the highest-paying professional profiles in Colombia

The labor market in Colombia remains dynamic in terms of job offers, thus showing the need for companies to integrate talents with skills and competencies that contribute to their growth and productivity.

However, these job offers are generally limited given the great need of many citizens to find work. vacancies or vacancies that become known are quickly monopolized; ensure that a few are selected from a large list of eligible candidates.

In this active job search, portals such as computer work, becoming a key option to publicize not only what companies need; but rather which people are available for the positions or positions required, depending on the education and work experience of the future worker to be hired.

This platform, present in 19 countries and being The most visited job bank in Colombia has revealed the most demanded professional profiles in the country, the number of offers available and the average salary that a person interested in one of the vacancies can receive.

In terms of areas of work, the biggest demands are in customer service, sales, and warehouse-logistics-transportation. In the case of the first, the most requested position is that of External Sales Advisorbut other profiles such as sales representative, operations analyst, commercial administrator, director and sales coordinator, among others, are also solicited.

However, It should be noted that customer service is where the lowest salaries are recorded, since the average is 1,156,230 pesos per month.; where the most demanded position, that of external commercial adviser, the salary is one million 403 thousand 695 pesos per month.

As far as sales are concerned, the position most in demand is that of manager and sales manager respectively, where the average salary does not exceed two million pesos; however, there is also a demand for positions such as business manager, operations manager, business analyst, purchasing manager, security manager, among others.

It should be noted that in this field of work the best salary is for the post of commercial manager, where the average value exceeds five million pesos.

And in Warehouse-Logistics-Transport, the most important requests concern the positions of logistician, operator and logistics analyst, where the common point of these positions is that the salary does not exceed 1,500,000 pesos per month.

However, the information provided by Computrabajo also highlights competitive salaries, which respond to the degree or level of education of the worker and the specificity of the position. There, the platform highlights 10 profiles with the best salaries.

The list the head, the position of nephrologist doctor, where the average salary exceeds 14.2 million pesos; followed is the load of Financial engineers, whose salary is around 13 million pesos. Third, does Human Resources Director where a professional can earn around 12 million pesos per month. This same figure is shared by the position of Professional insurance agent.

In fifth place is the Customer service store clerk who can earn an average salary of 11.4 million pesos. for the position of Vice-president the salary is more than 10.9 million pesos; while Ophthalmologist, internist, family medicine specialist and psychiatristare the other highest paid professions, where the average salary is over 7 million pesos.

Finally, the Computrabajo job portal indicates that the average salary in Colombia stands at 3 million 347 thousand 574 pesos per month.

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