High paying jobs in 2023 in Chile

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The goal of every person in his professional life is to get a job in which he feels comfortable and, of course, to receive a good salary. In Chile, there are several options that have appropriate remuneration, these are located in different industrial sectors, including health, administration, engineering and information technology. Thus, for those who want a good job at home, the first thing to do is to know the best salaries in the national territory and then consult different examples of CVs to be able to attract the attention of recruiters in said sectors.

The 8 highest paying jobs

The highest paid salaries in Chile which are revealed below correspond to information extrapolated to 2023. Therefore, it must be considered that they are averages, therefore, in the event of obtaining some of these positions, the Exact salary will depend on level of experience, duties and other aspects, such as benefits paid by the company. Below is a list of 8 high-demand and high-paying jobs in the country:

Civil Engineering in Mines

The average salary for this career is 828,000 to 2,320,000 CLP per month in the engineering and mining sector. The job opportunities that a mining civil engineer has are in public and private companies. Also, you can choose different positions, such as guard yard leader or mine planning.

For many years, mining engineers were the highest paid qualified personnel in Chile. One of the major advantages of this career is that it is in high demand among mining civil engineers. According to the Labor Force of Large Chilean Mines 2021, this profession will have a demand for 25,000 workers between 2021 and 2030.

Engineers in this sector are in high demand because they have a good ability to understand projects and optimize processes.

Civil engineering in metallurgy

The average salary fluctuates between CLP 27,947,000 in the engineering and mining-metallurgy sector. The chances of finding this job are in benefit factories, material extraction, material preparation, etc. There are good job opportunities in Chile and abroad.

The employability of civil engineering in metallurgy is good, up to 90% get a job in the second year after graduation. The profile is highly sought after by companies due to the demand for metallurgical engineers, since they have knowledge of organic chemistry, technical and scientific knowledge.

Likewise, the mining-metallurgical sector is not the only area where civil engineering has employability. There are also petrochemicals, automotive, general and rail transport, naval, aeronautics and aerospace.


A dentist can generate up to 16,000,000 CLP per year in the healthcare sector. Employment opportunities can be found in private consulting firms, health sector education jobs or in universities.

Oral care is crucial for human beings and hence, it is no surprise that dentistry is a high-paying career in Chile and other countries. It is clear that those who want to opt for this profession take into account the fact that it takes a lot of time and money to study. Especially when compared to other academic professions.


The average salary of a doctor is 5,000,000 CLP per year for those with little experience and can go up to 1,400,000 CLP per year, if they have a well-defined career in the health sector . There are many job opportunities, the employability rate is 89% and you can work in health centers or have your own practice.

Chile is one of the places where doctors can have good job stability. Although, to pursue this degree, you must be prepared to spend a lot of time studying. The period that this discipline of medicine lasts is 7 years, without taking into account the years involved in the specialization.

Computer engineering and telecommunications

The average salary for this profession is around CLP 1,300,000 per year within the engineering and technology sector. The positions where computer and telecommunications engineers can work are systems analysts, technology consultants, IT project managers and more.

Computer engineering and telecommunications is a profession that is increasingly in demand as technology develops. As the demand for specialists in this field is very high, salaries are increasingly competitive in order to find the ideal candidate. In this way, this job was able to become one of the highest paid for 2023 in Chile.

To exercise the profession of computer and telecommunications engineer, it is necessary to have the ability to lead a multidisciplinary team. In addition, have strong analytical skills and, in some companies, master a foreign language, especially English. The scope of work that this career promotes is very broad.


The average salary is CLP 10,200,000 per year in the technology sector and job opportunities lie in companies with positions dedicated to web development and remote work. Today, the profile of an IT professional is highly sought after, and among them are programmers. In recent times, the demand for these specialists has increased and now more and more companies are making efforts to adapt to the digital revolution.

The skills they most look for in a programmer in Chile are that they can handle C++ and Java programming languages. In the programming sector, there are all kinds of jobs: freelance, full-time or part-time.

Public administration

The average salary is 9,600,000 CLP per year in the administrative sector. Job opportunities are found in public administrators, human resource specialists, business consultants, and financial analysts.

To become a public administrator, you need technical skills such as the ability to work in a team and the ability to solve problems under pressure. This job allows you to opt for positions in central governments, ministries, mayors, governorates, municipalities and much more. On the other hand, public administration professionals enjoy good job security, since the hiring rate is 87%.


The average salary is 750,000 CLP per month in the health sector. Sources of employment are found in private practices, public agencies, private companies or foundations. More and more people are taking their mental health into account, which makes psychologists more and more in demand and very well paid. The employability rate stands at 76%, which is a good figure.


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