How many days off for marriage do I have at work?

07.12.2022 – 15:34 Updated on 07.12.2022 – 15:39h

Marriage in sight? First of all, congratulations! If you are about to say yes, in addition to organizing the wedding, you will think of the honeymoon. To make the most of this very special holiday, in this guide we explain How many days do you have at work per marriage?. Because yes, you can take advantage of paid vacation days after the wedding to make the newlywed trip of your dreams without worries. This is precisely one of the authorizations to be absent from work without losing vacation days that you can request.


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How many days are you allowed to get married?

Couples who marry legally and can prove it have the right to enjoy up to 15 calendar days of paid vacation. This concession of paid leave is established so that the newlyweds can celebrate their honeymoon and enjoy the first days of marriage without any obligation or worry. The number of days that employees can take is the same, whether the worker is hired by the company on a part-time or full-time basis.

This fortnight is the minimum that companies must offer their workers, but companies can include modifications or extend the days off, provided that they are modifications aimed at improving the conditions of workers on the basis of this which is established in the workers’ statute.

Who can apply for a marriage license

It is a permit that can be requested by all people who marry, whether they marry in the Church or in the civil register.

But the same is not true for people who become a common-law couple. In this case, the legislation does not provide for any paid leave. And, in case they want to take advantage of some days off, they will have to use vacation days.

How much is charged during marriage license

During this period of paid vacation days, the newlyweds receive the same salary as if they were working. In other words, at the end of this month, they will receive the same salary income as the rest of the months.

How to order it

To take advantage of the days off for marriage, this fact must be communicated to the company. The employee must report to the human resources staff to indicate the celebration of the ceremony, the dates, as well as the period during which he wishes to take leave. In some cases, companies may request the marriage certificate as proof to grant these days off.

When do wedding days begin to count?

paid days start counting from the first working day after the celebration of the marriage. In other words, if you get married on a Saturday, the days start counting from Monday. To accredit it to the company, you must present the marriage certificate detailing the date of the marriage and your identification data.

Can the permit be postponed due to marriage?

What if I get married some time after signing the papers? If, for example, a person decides to legally marry by the civil registry in November, but celebrates the ceremony with the guests months later in April of the following year, he may also be entitled to this authorization. But be careful, because in these cases, it is essential that the bride and groom meet with the company’s human resources to explain the situation to them. Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, the company may allow you to take paid vacation days months after the official wedding ceremony.

Can I apply for a marriage license if I have been married once?

Yes. There is no maximum number of times a person can apply for a marriage license. If you want to get married a second time, you can reapply to the company and benefit from paid leave.

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