How to be a senior entrepreneur if you’re over 50

As reported Economist & Lawyer in this article the employment rate of seniors in our country is ten points less than in the other jurisdictions around us.

The word senior does not have a single clear meaningAs to the precise age to which this applies, I heard yet another expression this morning which struck me as new and which calls them “old people”.

In the professional field, particularly in the field of employment within companies, the term senior has begun to be equated with people who are at an age where they are subject to the huge discrimination of ageism and early retirementand that age is 50, more or less.

‘The word senior doesn’t have one clear meaning’ (Photo: E&J)

That is to say from the age of 50, Most people have serious difficulty keepingor for find a new job. Most of the time, we don’t even talk about aspiring to find a “quality” job, similar to the one they occupied, not only economically, but not even in terms of interesting or recognized performance.

In an attempt to respond to this generic problem, the companies and institutions that are concerned about the issue have grouped together in two main titles.

One of them is called the “senior talent”, aiming more to study and try to solve the question of employment by others, to fight against the so-called rearrangements of personnel with various names, resulting from layoffs, early retirement, ERE or other similar names.

The only way to avoid some of these methods, which are becoming more and more fashionable, the government is trying to discourage them by increasing the retirement age; without realizing that the problem for most seniors is not that they have a job but that they prefer to retire, but rather that they do not have one and that if the time to enjoy the retirement is extended, they find themselves without unemployment and with a certain perception of retirement so low – for not having been able to work in recent years – that their livelihood is seriously threatened.

The second of these major holders refers to self-employment, under the title of which are grouped various more minority denominations such as interim managerindependent directors of companies or others, but among which the alternative of senior entrepreneurship clearly stands out.

Becoming a professional senior entrepreneur is a very reasonable option for these people who, from the fundamental experience that their long career accredits, are able to combine it with their long list of professional contacts and acquaintances that bind

At the same time, it must be taken into account that basic technical skills -and sometimes even very advanced- are in everyone’s collection, accredited by the use of mobile phones with Internet access, networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and others that force them to remain active at the risk of being isolated s they don’t have access to them and know how to use them.

You need to plan the business

However, there are several aspects that must be taken into account by anyone who decides to undertake, and which in many cases are not sufficiently taken into account and lead to the early failure of entrepreneurial attempts.

First, an entrepreneur must ensure that he has a certain level of softskills basis for their future performance. Since 50Pro has been working in this area, we have been able to develop a test that reliably identifies these types of qualities.

A fundamental point of the same is to overcome such elementary problems as a natural aversion to risk – especially economic – which requires any business. Even if we should not exaggerate because some make it an automatic brake, believing that if the company does not succeed, it will lead to their complete ruin.

Obviously, for this you have to do a Well done business plan, in which the necessary initial investment and subsequent financing are assessed, to ensure that they are within everyone’s possibilities. Within this same group is the ability for leadership and teamwork.

But in addition to all of the above, a future senior entrepreneur must know how to train to acquire a series of multifunctional knowledge. In other words, you must have sufficient knowledge of both business, financial, communication, negotiation, market analysis and other matters, since you go from devoting yourself from a super specialized subject to a subject of your particular knowledge but from all points of view. .

And if you don’t pay a little attention to all of this now, you are sure to fail in your attempt at independence (Photo: E&J)

As an explanatory example, we will cite the case of a lawyer specializing in contracts for the supply of products in the field of energy obtained from solid fuels. This knowledge may be sufficient when working in a professional office for someone else.

But if you go freelance, you might have to do the same, but incorporate aspects of the business that you didn’t need to pay attention to before, like marketing to get yourself known in the networks – since now you are not protected by a major brand under which you previously operated – or understand your company’s cash flow or financing needs.

And if you don’t pay attention to all this now, you will certainly fail in your attempt at independence.

Fortunately, in recent times there has been a significant increase in the number of senior entrepreneurs, which has shown that the TEA (entrepreneurial activity rate) of seniors has increased in recent years, above the rest of the population. .

Even the success or continuity rate of businesses for the elderly is higher than that of other population groups. Although the best bet today is multigenerational entrepreneurship in which young and old integrate to combine the best of each of them to carry out common projects.

Secondly, it is necessary to know how to find the sector of activity towards which to move. It is very clear that a good deal may be for one person and not for another. This obviousness is not taken into account in most cases, because someone in a hurry to undertake, looks for companies that are becoming fashionable or that someone has launched with great success, and it is thought that it is the one to choose.

No matter who chooses to undertake them, they have the knowledge, experience and contacts to replicate them anywhere, anytime. This is one of the circumstances that generates the most disasters in entrepreneurship. You must follow a specific methodology, which already exists, to help in this very important electoral process.

you have to differentiate

In third place, It is always necessary to clearly define the new company, devoting the time and effort necessary to find original and differential aspects in what is decided to undertake. This novelty can be in one or more aspects of the business, both in the product or service, the form of distribution, the price thereof, the packaging, the type of public to which it is addressed, etc

Finally, whatever decision is made – and even if we hope it is the right one – we must bear in mind that his own work is a blessing in itself for anyone. Excepto aquellos trabajos que son alienantes o contrarios a la dignidad de la persona, el trabajo constituye una form de perfección de las capacidades de cada uno y una forma de ayudar a la sociedad ya las personas que la integran, que satisfacen y enorgullecen a cada uno in itself.

It must be understood that there are no professions of a superior category to the others: what matters is the interest with which each person exercises his or her own and the desire to do things well, even in the small details. .

This statement is by no means utopian and, in addition to our own experience of it, and the joy we can all perceive in people who are satisfied with their work and the optimism they communicate around them, there is medical research and confirmation on the so-called “unemployed syndrome, or inactive or unemployed”.

During these periods of inactivity, there are very significant increases in depressive processesbut which end up not only affecting the psychological balance of the individual, but also biological, with significant gastric, digestive and neurological disorders.

In summary, we need to work and not only for economic reasons which seem so obvious to us all, but for reasons of general balance of the person.

It’s in our hands.

Although working for others does not depend on ourselves, because it is another person or a group of people who have created a business and who can hire us or not; there is independent work that requires overcoming barriers that are within our reach and that no one can prevent us from undertaking.

However, it must be recognized the difficulties that entrepreneurship has and that it should not be done “crazy”but prior training or training is necessary to do it professionally and with the maximum chance of success.

However, dear reader, Becoming a senior entrepreneur is possible in a context where experience and professional background are required by companies. You just need to have clear ideas and train properly.


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