How to convert six hours of work into ten minutes

Anton greets us at the entrance to the headquarters of IASO, which is located in Lleida, in the former Nacional II, towards Alcarràs. We tell you that the commercial part, full of awnings, all kinds of pergolas and a large fresco with the great projects of the Lleida firm, such as the roof of the great Allianz Riviera in Niza, looks good. He answers us with a first scoop, that IASO will start remodeling the commercial samples of the Lleida warehouse, bearing in mind that they are approaching the company’s 40th anniversary celebration.

Anton, we were talking about changes at the store. Are there also changes internally or at the management level? Yes, we have had two very intense years after the pandemic and with the whole question of digital transformation. In 2021, we focused a lot on the issue of cybersecurity, with a strong investment. And in 2022, we focused a lot on improving the entire flow of data processes. All about reporting of data, another very strong bet. As a result of all these changes, we realized that we had a lack or a process that was not well defined, and now we are changing and a strong bettor to get into the details of the data.

What is the purpose of optimizing these processes? These processes help us to have good data. If everything is well structured and worked from the ground up, then they can be managed very quickly and with a minimum of work using specific programs, such as our ERP, which the company manages for us. Lleida IFR since 2019. They do all the consulting and development of the tool for us at our request.

Could we give an example of this agility or improvement? The examples are mostly seen in the Power Automate part, which stems from the company’s finance department’s need to improve a manual task that used to occupy them six hours a week. We transferred the requirement to IFR and they offered a Microsoft tool that allows us to automate and create process flows very easily, which can be done by any user and does not involve parts of expensive custom programming.

You said it took six hours a week. Now he occupies…? Less than ten minutes a week. It is a process that goes without saying, without having to intervene. You apply the automation and it starts working. Ten minutes a week.

What process is it? It is a bank risk cancellation financial process that used to occupy a person for six hours a week and now we do it with ten minutes.

How would you explain what Power Automate is? It’s brutal. It lets you automate processes, it lets you do workflows not only with ERP, but it also connects everything you can do with a computer. It automatically opens an Excel, enters data from a database, then opens a web browser and does whatever you can imagine. It puts an end to all those heavy, tedious, monotonous and manual tasks that only bring problems. And that they can also lead to human error. We also said goodbye to that.

And what are the people who did those jobs doing now? It does things that are far more valuable to the business than just putting information into a computer program.

We already know this because we’ve talked about it many times, but now it’s up to you: how would you define an ERP? I would tell you that’s where all of a company’s data is. And each company takes it where it thinks it can lead or be useful. We have a portfolio of customers, suppliers, invoicing, all the productive and financial part. And we also have all the management of the work projects. For us, it is our daily life.

Can you imagine the business without ERP? No, that would be impossible. Go back in time, with Excel sheets. Now, going back to work like that would be very difficult.

With your experience, what would you advise a large, medium or small company that does not have ERP? Get informed right away, because there are ERPs, or management programs, of several types and adapted to all business challenges. There are smaller ERPs that are dedicated to accounting and invoicing, or to the customer portfolio and budgets, and there are some, like us, that integrate more specific parts, project management, production and logistic.

Not to Excel, then? Anything that involves human intervention usually involves errors, which happen sooner or later. And in the end, these errors, in a large company like ours, can be very damaging. It’s much better to have a good database with good data integrity and not letting anything leak out.

You’re saying IFR didn’t install this program for you, right? No, another partner did it, and in 2019 we contacted the IFR so that they could take the consulting and development part from us. At IASO, we manage our day-to-day operations, but needs also arise that require a consultant and advanced programming. And that’s the part that the IFR gives us. They propose a solution and a budget of hours and time.

What if you have questions? We finish any doubt or problem with a quick solution with an online consultation, in a more instantaneous way. The programming part already requires a project of greater scope and a greater breadth of vision.

Are you happy? Yes a lot.

When is IASO? Now we have spent two very intense years changing workflows. Regarding the part that concerns me, namely the systems, I can say that we are working and investing in a major cybersecurity project, and also in the data and reporting part. We have a very ambitious digital transformation project underway for the company. Now, you have to lay the digital foundations, define everything well, in order to be able to grow later.

Do these future projects include the IFR? Without a doubt. IFR It is a very good partner, trustworthy, of high technical quality and with very good consultants and programmers. In addition, they are native to the territory. We will continue to work with them, I’m sure. So much so that now, to further expedite IFR’s response to consulting and development tasks, we are going to onboard someone from IFR as a subcontractor, who will start working for us.


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