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The coronavirus pandemic has had a complex effect on the life and economy of societies around the world. coffee app It has to do with some of the beneficial results that Covid-19 has also had: the growth of new entrepreneurs, people who have seen an opportunity to generate their projects.

One of the tools that was born in the center of the pandemic, in 2020 to help those entrepreneurs who were looking for a new opportunity, is coffee appa crowdfunding platform.

What is crowdfunding. He is a crowdfunding system. In other words, bringing together people who are looking for funding for their own project with a series of investors who are nothing more than people who want to support the creation and development of the good or service provided. allows content creators to target monetization of their activity.

Cafecito app and Instagrammers

The Instagram social network has generated a series of content creators that are multiplying daily. But it’s a social network that does not bring in revenue, like YouTube for example. Monetizing their content is one of the most common headaches for these Instagrammers. where it comes from coffee app.

The traditional ways are outsourcing the brands or the advertisements that can be put on them, but the revenue is usually meager. With coffee app These micro-contributions or donations arise and become one more tool for the content they generate and help people in different ways to be profitable.

Cafecito app: how it works

It is not difficult to create a Cafecito application account. You must link an existing Facebook or Google profile. In doing so, the entrepreneur can add a description of his profile and his project. Here too, it can be clarified whether there is a monetary goal to be achieved. Sometimes there isn’t and it’s just another source of income.

Donors or micro-investors leave $50 –although the amount can be changed by the content creator– and a short message, if desired, for the user. A welcome message, a push message for your business, collaboration for the content being created.

In addition to the profile coffee app features more sections for creators to connect with their small investors: the Gallery and Messages, where app user can upload photos and descriptions.

Damian Catanzaro, programmer and creator of the Cafecito application.  (German García Adrasti)

Damian Catanzaro, programmer and creator of the Cafecito application. (German García Adrasti)

Any material that you are the author of, that does not belong to third parties and that does not contain prohibited illegal activities or content may be published. They do not allow any type of pornographic material, nor speech of discrimination, intimidation or abuse.

Note that the platform allows you to receive contributions only in Argentinian pesos via Mercado Pago or, for those who wish to receive a contribution from abroad, they can do so via Bitcoin.

The creator of the Cafecito app

Who is this behind the Cafecito app is Damián Catanzaro. His career in the digital world dates back to 2010. He has always been dedicated to systems, mainly web development, and has worked in companies such as Mercado Libre and Garbarino. He launched the Cafecito app in May 2020, amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Catanzaro help the systems community with tutorials for anyone who needs it via Instagram, Telegram and Twitch. And, of course, he has his own profile on the Cafecito application to receive contributions that allow him to maintain the platform.

The idea of ​​’cafecito’ originated in other countries, where it is very common to speak of a coffee as a measure of gratitude. When Damián Catanzaro started thinking about the project, they told him names like “invite me on a date”, but Cafecito seemed more appropriate to convey what he wanted to say.

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