how to recognize the signs and apply preventive measures

Having a lot of work is not the equivalent of having more money, many times we let ourselves be carried away by the passion for what we do without realizing that we are the victim of a work overloadwhich not only affects our work environment, but also our personal life.

Work overload affects both the employees and the company. This can have serious consequences. This is why it is important to know how to recognize the signs and apply preventive measures.

Better understand work overload

Workload is the set of psychophysical demands to which a worker is subjected during his working day. When we are faced with the assignment of many tasks, which represent an excessive workload, we suffer from work overload.

Many years ago, only physical effort was taken into account to measure workload, but today mental effort is also taken into account, which is also the cause of exhaustion and fatigue .

Work overload and burnout: what are the differences?

Sometimes we tend to confuse overwork with burnout, but although they sound the same, there are many differences between the two terms. To begin with, we need to know what each of them is about. Overwork occurs when the individual or worker Lots of tasks that they demand more timeand for which you must apply more physical strength and mental analysis.

During this time he exhaustion It refers to fatigue, in general terms, of body and mind, as a result of performing actions that consume the energies of the individual. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), work demands and pressures that do not match the worker’s knowledge and skills are the leading cause of work stress.

Preventive measures and tips to avoid it

To prevent overwork, it is necessary for the employer to put into practice actions that allow a balanced distribution of tasks, taking into account the physical and intellectual capacities of each worker.

It is essential the reorganization of schedules and the inclusion of active breaks or for rest in the middle of the working day, as well as other measures that we name below.

Automate tasks and manage your working time

In the case of jobs that involve physical effort, know organize the time it is fundamental. For there to be a better utilization, automating tasks is a good option to execute the missions in the scheduled periods.

To achieve this, we can apply time tracking tools to know if some team members are working a lot of overtime, you can find a very useful and effective solution here.

Check your team regularly

Maintaining constant communication with the staff under our supervision will allow us to know how the work is progressing, if the supervisee feels good with the number of missions or suffers from overload.

This way you can take the Corrective actions pertinent.

Differentiate the urgent from the important

Prioritizing tasks is a good strategy for efficient work.

Anticipate and focus on one thing at a time it’s the way to get better results in what we do.

To delegate

Overloading employees who already have enough to do is clearly a bad idea.

A common problem is the impossibility of entrusting homework who are they more capable to do them, not only will the process be streamlined, but the overhead will also be avoided as it is a simpler process for a particular individual if we delegate properly.

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