how to take inspiration from it and use the networks in your favor

  • Former Senator Pilar González Modino, 60, decides to use Twitter to find a job

  • “I still have time to contribute and learn old and new knowledge”

  • “They tell me that the curriculum plays against me but I learned the honor of a job well done from my mother… and this maxim accompanies me and will always guide me”

“I am actively looking for a job. And I have decided also use this channel“, announces ex-senator Pilar González Modino on her Twitter account. Pilar, who describes herself as multitasking and fast learning was appointed to the Senate by Andalusia Forward. after the 2018 elections. After two and a half years, he left office last July.

He was born in Mérida in 1962 and comes from be 60 years old. However, she does not think “I am old enough to retire”, says the former senator, “I still have time to contribute and learn old and new knowledge“Throughout her career, politics has been a deputy of the Andalusian group in the Andalusian Parliament, councilor in the Seville City Council and spokesperson for Adelante Andalucía in the City Council of Dos Hermanas.

A long and fruitful history

“I managed to achieve some of my life and career goals but I keep intact the ability and the courage to walk new paths, ”explains the former senator, who was also chief of staff of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Junta de Andalucía between 2000 and 2003, as well as general secretary of the Party Andalusian between 2008 and 2012.

A graduate in history from the University of Seville, she trajectory covers different areas. “I highlight my experience in the publishing industry, in the world of audiovisual communication, in institutional tasks and as a teacher.”

“I am told that he resume playing against me but I learned the honor of a job well done from my mother… and this maxim accompanies me and will always guide me”, adds Pilar González in this kind of spontaneous application that has spread like wildfire on networks.” If you know of anything here. Thank you.” And we should already know something because, according to another tweet, he had to enable private messaging of Twitter to be able to respond to all proposals.

“Addicted” to social networks: Spanish users spend an average of 144 minutes a day

The case of politics shows that social networks can be a good showcase for CVs. You may not have updated it or depending on the latest trends headhunters. If so, these tips may help.

more descriptive

The first step is to add personalized information and appropriate for the position for which you are applying. Therefore, under the contact information, you can write a few lines in your CV as an introduction. It could be interesting summarize in 50 words who you are, what you are looking for and what you can bring to this specific business. Always think like the recruiter.

take care of the design

But no frills. A dull design won’t help, but too much color won’t help either. It is better to choose a minimalist designbut attractive and use clear topography and readable. You can also use bold to underline the most important data.

When you save your CV, you can do so in PDF Format to make sure everyone can read it, but it can’t be changed without your consent. And if you have any doubts about the design, there is online models they can help.

last thing first

The curriculum vitae must be explained in reverse chronological order. We will first highlight the latest work we have done and finally we will add the academic information. This section will also first highlight the most recent studies.

add your skills

The skills section is used to highlight with keywords other assets you have, such as personal traits, languages, software, or skills. It’s time to include languages ​​(with the corresponding level) and any knowledge or experience that is not professional but helps to define the profile.

A page

The european standard program It takes no more than one page. However, if you have more than 10 years of experience, two pages could also be accepted because you have more achievements, experience and information to contribute. This is one of the characteristics of silver candidates.


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