Huelva restructures and increases the resources of the cleaning service to achieve greater efficiency in the work

The mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz, with the councilor for urban habitat and infrastructures of the town hall, Esther Cumbrera; and the delegate of Western Andalusia of PreZero Spain, María Luisa Iglesias, gave a press conference this morning to report on the restructuring that is going to be carried out in the cleaning service of the city, with a view to improving and d ‘optimize resources and seek for work efficiency.

In the words of Gabriel Cruz, “the objective of these measures cannot be other than the demand for exceptional results that do justice and are consistent with the efforts made in recent years to achieve a cleaner city”. And in this sense, he insisted that “although the responsibility for this task lies with the City Council and the company that assumes the contract, the maintenance and preservation of the cleanliness of our city is the business of all”.


The councilor reported on the effort made by the Consistory in these years, where the municipal investment currently exceeds 16 million euros in a service that is improving with the increase in staff; extraordinary performance; reinforcement of the machines with new vehicles and more means for manual tasks; In addition to the implementation of the Action Plan for the improvement of cleanliness in the city, which has resulted, among other things, in a 10% increase in waste collection and street cleaning staff in end of 2020 and 15% of Parks and Gardens staff last summer.

For her part, María Luisa Iglesias explained that “this new planning arises from the need to continue to achieve the objectives set to achieve a clean city, something that is apparently simple, but which is ultimately much more complex”. A change that is based “above all on active listening with the neighbors of the different sectors and at the same time with the municipal technical services”.

And it is that, this new restructuring comes after the municipal technicians and those of the company PreZero have carried out since the end of the summer an in-depth analysis of each district of the capital to identify the problems and thus adapt the availability of resources with which get better results.

To this end, the new planning divides the agglomeration into 7 differentiated zones, instead of the 3 zones in which this service was traditionally organized, thus seeking to apply specific treatments to each zone according to its needs. A division that will improve planning and above all strengthen control, since it will also increase the frequency of inspection of all the streets and squares of the city.

To this more specific sectorization is added an expansion of resources, in terms of human resources and machines, by adapting the cleaning frequencies to each of the areas and above all by seeking to solve the problems in 35 detected points that require more continuous cleaning. and special for different circumstances.

Linked to the increase in resources, they will mainly concern mechanical, mixed and manual washing, increased by 100%. These washes had already increased over the past two years, establishing four mechanical washing services for sidewalks and pedestrian areas in the morning and afternoon shifts and one service in the night shift.

Another novelty will be the incorporation of an inspection service during the morning shift to improve the control and detection of needs throughout the city and a reinforcement of this task in the 35 points identified with special needs, in which monitoring to ensure compliance with municipal ordinances.

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