I have completed my degree, which master should I choose to find a job at L’Oréal or Fever in just six months?

Finishing the diploma is, on many occasions, synonymous with a job search stage and a lot of frustration when we realize that our profile does not correspond to the majority of offers that we find on a market. increasingly specialized and focused on new disciplines.

Unfortunately, the traditional degree studies that we access generally do not meet the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s businesses and fail to guarantee the digital knowledge necessary for most of the processes that take place within organizations.

So, finding ourselves in this situation in our early twenties and our entire professional career ahead of us, it’s time to ask ourselves what we might need to complete our CV and be the ideal candidates for such digital positions. in demand today Project manager, growth marketer, digital transformation project manager, CRM analyst, strategy consultant, digital account specialist…

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As we know, masters are undoubtedly an excellent way to continue training and to be able to specialize and deepen our knowledge. But, just like all the jobs we are going to find in life are not the same, neither are masters degrees. We must choose the best.

A great option we must consider is the ISDI Digital MBA, which brings together the best of top business school training with years of experience and the most cutting-edge technology and digital training.

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What options do I have to get a job afterwards?




According to data obtained by ISDI on the success of its students and alumni, 97% of DMBA participants find a job within the first 6 months of starting the master’s degree.

In addition, according to the Digital Observatory of Youth Employment 2022 carried out by the same school, in 2021/2022 the salaries of this type of specialized profile are between 24,000 and 30,000 euros per year.

Some of the companies where we can find program alumni are Accenture, Cabify, Glovo, L’Oréal, Fever, Repsol, Affinity, P&G, Loewe, Mapfre…


How does ISDI help in this job search or in the promotion of its own projects?

“The main advantage is that with the #EmployabilityPath of the Digital MBA, we have the possibility of having that first contact that you are looking for in a company. If you want to work, for example, in a multinational, this first step of being able to show your CV and that they know you, you ensured it with this process”, explains Alejandro Conejero, student of the Digital MBA of Madrid about the opportunities offered at the school for the placement.

And it is that these aids for the employability of young talents do not fall under a single type of action, but are made up of different events.

Employer Brand Day:

In which companies highlight the areas of activity in which digital talents are most relevant and what are their needs to integrate new talents

Scouting Day:

The day when students present themselves to companies by making their own “elevator pitch” in front of more than 20 company representatives

Quick maintenance day:

Interviews are organized between companies and students to lead to a job offer

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What is studied in the ISDI DMBA?

This program aimed at young people who have just finished university or who have 1 or 2 years of experience and who wish to obtain a job in the digital field, offers the knowledge that companies demand.

The crucial areas taught in this training are five in number:

  • New methodologies and innovation: with concepts such as Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking or Business Model Canvas
  • Digital Business Administration Framework: vision and understanding of companies in the digital age, economic models, differences with traditional companies, analysis, design and implementation of KPIs, understanding of the financial and legal foundations of companies in the digital age…

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  • Technology as a centerpiece for the development of digital projects: understanding and application of internet architecture and disruptive technologies in business in the digital age. Highlight concepts such as artificial intelligence, IoT, blockchain, 5G, NFTs or metaverse
  • Execution of digital business administration: executing business strategies and plans in the digital age. Understanding of digital marketing, social media, web and app development, content management, digital advertising, search engines, mobile marketing, e-commerce and data analytics, as well as strategic frameworks such as Marketing Funnel, Customer Journey and Buyer Persona. It also includes workshops on CRM tools, social media marketing, search marketing, digital advertising, app optimization, prototyping, UX, and analytics.
  • Leadership in innovation and organizational transformation: leadership in the modern business world and the qualities, characteristics and skills needed to become a leader. In addition, there is also talk of sustainability as a key pillar for the future of organizations and entrepreneurship.

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How is it taught?




The school applies a successful “Learning by doing” method which combines 3 main layers to transmit knowledge in the most complete way possible.


Classes with active professionals who teach from their experience and their successes-errors: Filed in agile methodologies and innovation, business models, technology, digital business and leadership.

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Design of the strategy through a real business transformation project: This project, known as trunk, is key. It consists of posing a “transformation” challenge to a company that already exists.


E-commerce challenge: In the final third of the program, students design and launch their own business. He has a real budget offered by ISDI and the whole process has to be done. Marketing, product delivery, customer management and invoicing.

In addition to this, one of the most interesting points is that at the end of the master’s degree, students leave with official certifications in Salesforce (Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist), Amazon (AWS Cloud Practitioner) and Microsoft (Microsoft Power Platform) , very popular in today’s market.

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