‘If we don’t have a date, we can’t make projections or investments’: restaurateurs worry about the lack of speed of work on rue Guayacanes | Community | Guayaquil

The integral reconstruction of Guayacanes Street, in Urdesa Central, is still generating inconvenience for residents and restaurant owners located along said artery. Nearly five months after the start of work, the complaint revolves around the slowness of the work.

Until mid-December, they say, the works originally designed in sections were to be completed. The work had a deadline of 120 days for its execution. The investment commitment is $2,977,307.62.

“Víctor Emilio has already opened, but we still have dust, earth that continues to move and holes that scare away customers,” says the owner of a restaurant located in Guayacanes and Antonio Sánchez. She has reduced her sales by almost 40% and had to change her opening hours as she ensures that the flow of customers is minimal.

“Customers are uncomfortable eating in the middle of the dust.” In Urdesa, they expect work to speed up; The municipality estimates that the works will be ready in December

“The delivery men don’t even want to come here to pick up a lot of product because they have to jump over the gaps or leave their motorcycles in the distance and enter the premises,” he says.

The owner regrets that December has arrived, a month when her bills are high, and she could not achieve what was planned at the beginning of the year.

She, for example, had made an investment for this month considering that was the term in which the work was completed.

Carlos Barrezueta, president of the Association of Restaurants of Guayas (Asorest), maintains that the impact on the restaurant sector located along Guayacanes Street is not new. The decline in sales of premises has been recorded almost since the middle of the year with the start of work.

“We know it will be something that will benefit us, but the complication that customers now have to enter businesses located next to jobs is not something comfortable,” he says.

Some stores, says Barrezueta, have managed to increase their billings despite the obstruction in the street.

Closures in the streets of Urdesa for the execution of the reconstruction works of sidewalks and curbs

As reported by the municipality, through its Twitter account, in mid-December the installation of the AASS drawer and the collector duct was carried out in Guayacanes street. However, for restaurateurs, this does not represent a big step forward.

For Francesca Ferrero, owner of Morogrill, the works are abandoned. He cites that for the fortnight in December they had been told that it would be the culmination of work, but this deadline was not respected.

She also indicates that no new date has been communicated to them for the completion of the work. “They didn’t call us, it’s total abandonment,” said Ferrero.

“If we don’t have a date, we can’t project, we can’t invest, we can’t do anything. We are not going to start doing something in January if this continues, it would be wasted money”, explains the owner of another catering point located in Guayacanes and Acacias.

Rising traffic worries drivers

The traffic generated after 4:00 p.m. also disturbs drivers crossing Urdesa on their way to Miraflores and Urdesa Norte. Complaints have been transferred to social media seeking the attention of the Traffic and Mobility Agency (ATM).

Until noon this Friday, the 23rd, at least five uniformed agents of the entity were controlling traffic at the intersections of Guayacanes and Acacias, Guayacanes and Víctor Emilio Estrada, also in the Lomas de Urdesa region. The trucks of the Corporation for Citizen Security of Guayaquil (CSCG) were also observed there.

“A single closed street generates so much traffic, I think for the sake of those of us who pass through Urdesa daily, the works should be accelerated. It is a chaos that, however vigilant, cannot be solved said Luis Andrés Preciado, who runs in a taxi app and commutes down Ficus Street daily.

Mariela Ponce points out that for the safety of the inhabitants of Urdesa, attention should be paid to the progress of the works. She’s a student and every day she has to stay three blocks from her house because taxis can’t get in. “It’s dangerous, it’s dark, and at night no one is looking,” says Ponce, who was attacked on his way to his home on rue des Acacias. (YO)

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