Imprisoned and Forced Labor, Retaining Health Workers at Amparo Agua Tinta

The companions of the three workers in a permanent assembly in Comitán demand that the authorities intervene and release the two doctors and the administrative employee.

Left to their fate by the health authorities and their union leaders, two doctors and an administrative employee of the Ministry of Health have been locked up for 11 days in a communal prison in the community of Amparo Agua Tinta, municipality of La Margaritas. allowed to eat and do communal forced labor.

On September 21, the doctors Ángel Rafael Mora Ramírez and Maximiliano López Marroquín, as well as the administrative employee Lenin Vladimir Gaxiola Abadía, were taken to the ejido prison of Amparo Agua Tinta due to a misunderstanding of the leaders and the inhabitants of the community and nothing related to his medical work at his workplace.

The workers stay in a prison in terrible conditions and they only open the door for them to go out for breakfast or lunch and to do forced labor like cleaning the streets of the community in this border region of the Tojolabal people of ‘origin.

During an escape attempt by the three workers, they were captured and warned that if they tried again, they would not leave the community alive.

The workers denounce omissions and negligence in the release of their colleagues.

To be released, they were forced to perform forced labor for 15 days and pay a fine of 20,000 pesos each.

One of the reasons was that, as part of the union electoral process, members of the green ticket displayed a poster with campaign promises among these “support for communities and municipalities in conflict”, and one of the workers added with a pen “and Amparo Agua Ink”.

A community guard at the health center informed the authorities of this incident and they were upset because they called the community “conflicted”.

Already summoned before the authorities of the ejido, they claimed that on Facebook they had tagged Doctor Maza and Doctor Mora, a publication of a humanitarian delivery and that they had laughed and one of them had commented “it doesn’t ‘not happening to AGT,’ (Amparo Agua Ink)”. The video referred to a humanitarian delivery to another country, “not even to Mexico, but it made community leaders uncomfortable,” said said one of the detained doctors.

The colleagues of the three workers pointed out that the conflict would have been resolved if it had not been for the fact that the head of the health jurisdiction number 3 of Comitán, Carlos Aragón López, did not respect the other supports promised for more than a year. year.

After the escape attempt and the mismanagement of the conflict by the health authorities and the omission of their union leaders, led by José Luis Díaz Selvas, who must now be released, they also demand that they pay the 20 thousand pesos each , that they complete the 15 days of forced labor, and that the government also provide them with medical equipment, build a new hospital for them.

Other workers from the same health center continue to come to work, but also fear being detained. They are forbidden from approaching the ejido prison and any attempt to help their companions will also mean that they are locked in the same place.

The relatives of the two doctors and the administrative employee have kept silent about the case and had not wanted to make it public because they hoped that the health authorities and union leaders would intervene soon and release the three detainees, but 11 days have passed and they are still in good condition.. deplorable.

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