It is due to works on metro line 7

After what El Desconcierto reported on Monday about a massive cut in the drinking water supply in Santiago, the company confirmed the measure. Check the available supply points.

Aguas Andinas has confirmed, through an official statement, the information provided by El Desconcierto this Monday, a massive supply cut in eight neighborhoods of Santiago.

According to what is provided by this means, the cut will be Santiago Centro, Central Station, Quinta Normal, Pudahuel, Maipú, Lo Prado, Cerro Navia and Cerrillosfrom 3:00 p.m. on Wednesday October 12, until 6:00 a.m. on Thursday 13.

In this regard, Aguas Andinas indicated that “the works to be carried out by the environmental services company at the request of Metro de Santiagowill enable construction work on line 7 to progress”.

The tasks will be carried out in the Plaza Baquedano sector in Providenciabut the drinking water cut will affect the municipalities in the western sector of the capital.

The affected perimeter will include between Av. Costanera Sur and Av. Santa María to the north, Amunátegui and Zenteno to the east; Santa Isabel, Domeyko, Arica, Av. Gladys Marín, Av. Los Mares and Camino Casas Viejas to the south; and Lanalhue, Ventisquero, El Tranque, Bravo Luco, San Pedro and Laguna Sur to the west.

The Director of Distribution and Collection of Aguas Andinas, Franco Nicoletti, said that “As Aguas Andinas, we are always willing to work together to make improvements that have a positive impact on the quality of life of the inhabitants of the metropolitan area. On this occasion, we must modify our underground drinking water infrastructure, the service of which must be suspended and thus allow us to take an important step linked to the construction of a Pique which is part of the work on the new line 7 of the santiago metro”.

Additionally, the company clarified that This massive water cut was coordinated with the municipal authorities, hospitals, Cesfam and firefightersin order to minimize the effects it could have on citizens.

refueling points

To mitigate the inconvenience that this work could cause, it will be carried out during hours of lower consumption and there will be 96 points for supply alternative to citizenship, located at the following addresses:


  • Manuel Rodriguez/Orphans
  • Amunategui 980
  • Toesca 2351
  • Claudio Gay/Bascunan Guerrero
  • Father Felipe Gómez de Vidaurre/Supreme Court
  • Republic/Salvador Sanfuentes
  • Abate Molina/Salvador Sanfuentes
  • Sazié/Liberation Army
  • Eighteen years old/Father Diego de Rosales
  • Liberation Army/Domeyko
  • Mapocho/Freedom
  • Andes/Admiral Barroso
  • Cathedral/Admiral Barroso
  • Erasmus/Hope Escalation
  • Erasmo Escala/Cienfuegos
  • Chacabuco/Roses
  • Ricardo Cumming/Av. Mapocho
  • Cathedral/General Bulnes
  • Erasmo Escala/General Bulnes
  • Orphans/Blacksmith

central station

  • Father Vicente Irarrázaval/Av. Railway
  • Bull Mazote/Garcia de Cáceres
  • Father Vicente Irarrázaval/Veterans of 79
  • Garcia de Caceres/Orompello
  • Transit/The Gladioli
  • Manuel Thompson/Recess
  • Titan/The Araucarias
  • Torca Lagoon/Av. The park
  • Manuel Chacon/Agustin Riesco
  • Tacna/Av. Bishop Manuel Umana
  • Ambassador Quintana/Abtao
  • Ambassador Quintana/Council
  • Central Street (across from Parroquia)


  • 3rd Avenue/Cartagena Street
  • 4th Avenue/Rue Martin de Solier
  • Avenue Buzeta/8 Avenue
  • San Andrés Street/6 Avenue
  • San Andrés Street/Avenue 2

Fifth standard

  • River Breeze/Santa Adriana
  • Holm oak 4447
  • Samuel Izquierdo/Janequeo
  • Heriberto Rojas/Samuel Izquierdo
  • San Pablo/Radal
  • Transit/Jose Besa
  • Lo Espinoza/October 12
  • Jose Tobias/Ambassador Gomez
  • Lastenia Zúñiga/New Plato
  • Abtao/New Imperial
  • Progress/Vicuña Roses
  • Radal/Av. Mapocho
  • Martinez de Rosas/Radal
  • Mapocho/Walker Martinez
  • Victorino Laynez/Orphans

Navia Hill

  • Round of Children / El Meli
  • Frigates / Seagulls
  • Lazarini/Azores Island
  • Los Retamos/Vicuña Roses
  • Petersen/Salvador Gutierrez
  • USA/Tomas Alba Edison
  • Sara Gajardo/The Alpatacal
  • July 3/Salvador Gutierrez
  • February 5/Siberia
  • Ambrosio O’Higgins/Av. Mapocho
  • Boroa/Douro River
  • Caleuche/Baker River
  • Galvarino/Sergeant Candelaria
  • The Star/The African
  • Lazarini/Lisbon
  • Mapocho/Galo González
  • Father Las Casas/Father Liam Holoham
  • Jose Joaquin Perez/USA
  • Slide/The Chapel
  • From the Consistorial 6645 (Municipality of Cerro Navia)

the meadow

  • Les Clarines/Les Acacias (Square)
  • July 9/Saturn
  • Gabriela Mistral/Eduardo Llanos
  • Warsaw/Ukraine
  • San Pablo 5959 (Municipality of Lo Prado)
  • Antarctic Territory/Pardo Villalón
  • St. Paul 5797
  • Dorsale/The Towers
  • Santa Marta/Bib
  • Ricardo Vial/Gabriela Mistral
  • Antarctic Territory/General Buendia
  • Gabriela Mistral/Honduras (Neighborhood Unit No. 5)


  • South Lagoon/Av. The star
  • South Lagoon/Drake Sea
  • Screenwriter Pedro Prado/Valparaiso
  • Curacatin/Pje. The framework
  • Federico Errazuriz/Av. St.Paul
  • San Francisco / Av. The Star
  • The Counselors/Oidor Sancho
  • Federico Errazuriz/San Daniel
  • South Lagoon/Isla Grande Tierra del Fuego
  • The star/The copper


  • Casa Viejas Road/El Olivo Road

Aguas Andinas reaffirms that, If in doubt, users can find more information in the “Jobs in the city” section of the Virtual Water Office ( or, communicate with the company via its contact center (+56227312400 from landlines, *8000 from mobile phones) or via its channels on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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