It will be the restoration of the Virgin of the old prison of Seville

recover one of main ornamental elements of the pavilion. The Virgin of the miraculous which served as a gazebo for the tower of the revenue pavilion of the old provincial prison of La Ranilla will be restored. East symbolic picture de la Virgen de la Cárcel was excluded from the complete rehabilitation of the building carried out by the town hall. For this reason, some work to restore this piece of plaster that, for safety reasons and during the duration of the works, was transferred to municipal warehouses from Torreblanca. The budget for the action amounts to 16,577 euros and the material execution time will be two months.

The Virgin of the Miraculous is a virtually life-size freestanding plaster sculpture. It is a hollow piece, according to the specifications of the contract, which has been fixed to the base by means of an iron structure as a skeleton. It consists of a prismatic central stem from which emerge ramifications at different heights, all covered with tow and plaster. These ramifications maintain the internal face of the sculpture, reinforced, in turn, by a murderous canvas and a layer of plaster. “In the absence of a more in-depth analysis, the subject of this press release, remnants of polychromy do not seem to be observed. It originally had a metallic nimbus or halo, remnants of which can be seen on the back of the head.”

The image of the Virgin At the beginning of the rehabilitation works of the complex, it already showed detachments of some fragments and cracks of different entities in part of its surface.. This has been accentuated during the months of work and, given its precarious state, the transfer of the image to the municipal warehouses of Torreblanca has been carried out for emergency reasons. This is to avoid accidental damage which may be caused by work in progress on the slab adjacent to the base of the image, and during the renovation of the metal framework and roofing of the roof of the tower, or by the vibration of the turret itself. metal and concrete structures.

As for his conservation stateas indicated in the previous analysis of the specifications of the intervention, the image presents major cracks and losses in the pedestal, resulting in cracks along the lower part of the mantle and the tunic, as well as in the back of the mantle which remained in the lower third as a register or door. The the right hand seems completely worn under the effect of bad weather, while left has disappeared, exposing the completely rusted iron rod of the structure. In the folds of the coat, at the height of the hands, there was material losses of surface also under the effect of bad weather. Environmental and biological contamination has generalized the deposits of dirt. Inside the sculpture, abundant traces of biological activity and its consequent detritus were found. The remains of the nimbus are in an advanced state of corrosion.

The purpose of the specifications is to describe the technical conditions and criteria which will serve as its basis, and to specify the drafting and presentation of the documents by the contractor. The subject of the contract is the preparation of all necessary technical documentationwhere applicable, the compulsory treatment before the competent authorities, the execution of the restoration work, and the operations of transfer and return of the image to its location.

The restoration project will contain a memory on the state of conservation of the image:

  • Historical-artistic study and current state of conservation of the sculpture.
  • Analytical studies, both compositional and pathological, necessary to specify the necessary action.
  • Theoretical and practical criteria and options for intervention.
  • General and detailed photographic documentation and/or planimetric documentation of the current state.

Nail description of the restoration:

  • Justification of the intervention proposal.
  • Detailed evaluation of the same.
  • Preventive conservation and maintenance plan.

For his part, the last memory collect the description of all the work already carried out, studies, analyzes and tests carried out; methods and techniques used, reinforcing and anchoring the work in its final location, and will be accompanied by a photographic report and graphic documentation with the necessary breadth for a perfect understanding of the action. It will also include the Preventive maintenance and corrective conservation planupdated after the work has been carried out, and the stability certificate issued by the competent technician.

The Virgin of the Miraculous will find all its functionalities after the operation, including fixation and anchoring to the base. leaf leaves free to return to its original place in the tower of the entrance pavilion, or in an alternative space.


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