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The Executive Director of the Central Water and Sanitation Council (JCAS), Mario Mata, highlighted the work that the state government has been doing this 2022 through the JCAS to guarantee the human right to access to water and sanitation, through programs and actions for the overall management of state water resources.

Chihuahua, Chih .- With the aim of providing drinking water to isolated communities in the mountains, appropriate technologies have been implemented for the adequate collection and/or harvesting of water, and alternative mechanisms in collective systems.

Collaboration agreements have been signed with the Centro de Acopio para la Tarahumara AC and the Centro de Desarrollo Alternativo Indígena AC, with an investment of 20 million 283 thousand 391.74 pesos for collective systems and water collection, of which benefited more than 100 towns in the Sierra Tarahumara, in the municipalities of Carichi, Guachochi, Bocoyna, Guazapares and Urique.

Considering water as one of the most precious resources, work has been carried out on actions aimed at the rational use and sustainable development of water through the construction of new hydraulic infrastructure (underground and surface ) and alternative sources of supply in coordination with the three levels of government and private initiative;

For the benefit of the population of Ciudad Juárez, through BANOBRAS, 202 million 472 thousand 600.37 pesos have been invested for the construction of flood control dams: Víboras Tanque, Puerto la Paz and Fronteriza, and in September the construction of the Filtros II Stemming.

Likewise, the construction of the Pico de Águila dam was completed, with a total investment of 33.10 million pesos. Investment negotiations have also been carried out with the North American Development Bank and thus be able to rehabilitate the collectors of Mimbre, Norzagaray, Las Víboras and Nadadores, with an investment of 11 million dollars, 4.5 million dollars through a credit contract approved by the Congress of the State of Chihuahua and 10.9 million dollars with Mexican resources.

In collaboration with the Federation, the State and the Municipalities, the construction of drinking water, sanitation and treatment plants has been carried out, provided for in the programs: PROAGUA, PRODDER, PROSANEAR, PEIH – FISE and NADB.

To improve water quality, and expand and modernize the coverage of sanitation services and the use of treated water, through PRODDER, 27 million 376 thousand 400 pesos have been invested in the municipalities of Ahumada, Aldama, Allende, Aquiles Serdán, Ascension, Bocoyna, Buenaventura, Casas Grandes Chihuahua, Cuauhtémoc, Guachochi, Guerrero, Jiménez, Madera, Matamoros, Meoqui, Rosales, San Francisco del Oro, Santa Bárbara and Saucillo.

With the aim of expanding and maintaining the treatment plants in optimal operating conditions, the wastewater treatment plant was built in the municipality of Bachiníva, with an investment of more than 6 million pesos for the benefit more than 2,000 residents of the region. The construction of the Northern Blackwater Treatment Plant in Delicias, Chihuahua was completed with an investment of 150 million pesos.

The actions and projects implemented in the elimination of heavy metals have been promoted to improve the quality of water intended for human consumption and to reduce the discharge of pollutants into the water and drainage network. An investment of nearly 4 million pesos has been made for the acquisition and installation of 20 reverse osmosis plants for the benefit of 20 municipalities in the municipalities of Ahumada, Camargo, Coronado, Jiménez, Julimes, López, Namiquipa, Nonoava, Ojinaga, Rosales, Rosario and Santa Barbara.

“We will continue to work in coordination of strategies and actions aimed at contributing to an integral sustainable development guaranteeing the conservation of water, biodiversity and the improvement of the quality of life of Chihuahuas.” Mario Mata, head of the JCAS, concluded.

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