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The 112 Andalusia emergency service in Malaga will open its headquarters this fall. This was explained by the Minister of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification, Antonio Sanz, in a visit made this Thursday to the new building located on Calle Severo Ochoa in the Campanillas Technological Park in Malaga. The work is already “at 70%”.

The adviser detailed this with the new head office, to which a budget of €1,317,752.10 (to which will be added the final certificates), up to four services will benefit from it: the 112 system itself with two call response and emergency coordination rooms, the attached Unit of the National Police, which will retain all the space left by the 112 at the headquarters in Avenida de la Aurora, as well as the Provincial Civil Protection Service and the Provincial Operations Center (COP) INFOCA in Malaga, which will share facilities with the Emergency Service.

“It is an example of the effectiveness and efficiency of public spending”, stressed Sanz, who also highlighted the Andalusian government’s commitment to security. “This is the legislature of momentum, and progress will also be seen in a fundamental area such as emergencies and civil protection, both in terms of planning and infrastructure; all for the benefit of a bigger and better response to citizens”.

The counselor also explained that At the end of the year, the new base of the Andalusian Emergency Group (GREA) in Benahavís will also be ready.making the province of Malaga and the General Directorate for Emergencies and Civil Protection of the Ministry of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Administrative Simplification of the region “a national benchmark for investment and improvement in this,” Sanz said.

A picture of the visit.


During this follow-up visit, the Minister was accompanied by the new General Secretary of the Interior, Lourdes Fuster; the mayor of Malaga, Francisco de la Torre; the General Director of Emergencies and Civil Protection, Agustín Muñoz; the Deputy Director of Emergencies, Juan Ramón Rodríguez Claudio; the head of the civil protection service of Malaga, Ana Celia González, and the regional coordinator of 112, José Ángel Turiel.

Bigger and better emergency response

Malaga is, today, the second Andalusian province in number of alerts and emergency coordination. As examples: almost 2,500 (2,482) incidents managed at the last Puente de Santa María, 26.6% of the total attended in the region and 79,583 in the first half of 2022, 15% more than those coordinated during of the same period of the year 2021, which amounted to 68,920.

According to Sanz, the 112 has become a “Reference service and trust of the population thanks to the magnificent work of its professionals”as evidenced by the fact that in 2021 alone it handled 773,638 emergencies in Andalusia.

“This increase in attention is due to the confidence of the population in the 112, which has made the service a reference, which has motivated the increase in dimensioning in recent years and, therefore, increased space and technology requirementsa reality for which the facilities on Avenida de la Aurora were too small for a long time and which this government has been able to face, ”explained the Minister of the Presidency.

The regional and provincial rooms of 112 in Malaga have been in the building on Avenida de la Aurora for two decades. From now on, the new headquarters of the Technological Park will not only increase the number of positions, but also allow more and better spaces for attention and coordination of emergencies (from 15 to 26 in the regional room and from 5 to 12 in the provincial room), which means increasing the capacity at the service of citizens, training 112 agents and the centers integrated into its technological platform (Health, Firefighters, Civil Guard, Local Police, Ministry of the Presidency, Interior, Social Dialogue and Simplification General Administrative Directorate Emergencies and National Civil Protection, Unit Attached to the National Police Community, etc.); At the same time, it will improve the technological infrastructure: new uninterruptible power supply (UPS), new data processing center (CPD), video wall, video surveillance equipment and systems, among other improvements.

The new 112 call room in Malaga will be almost two and a half times larger than the current one respond to the needs of Malaga residents and visitors who trust 112 to solve their emergency and emergency situations, ”emphasized the councilor. It should also be remembered that the Malaga center is also responsible for managing the alerts from eastern Andalusia. Crisis room, spaces for meetings and working groups, meeting room, changing rooms and toilets on all floors, rest rooms, space for nursing and pregnant mothers, first aid room or parking spaces (38) are some of the one of the improvements offered by the new building, sustainable, with three floors and 1,934 square meters built on a plot of 2,994.

A building recovered for public use

With these works, the old Forman building, which was vandalized and practically in a situation of abandonment in an “example of administrative collaboration between the Andalusian government and the town hall of Malaga, who authorized and approved the corresponding change of use and utility last year,” Sanz explained.

The counselor pointed out, as we said, that he has already been executed more than 70% of jobs; and all this despite the difficulties in distributing building materials caused by the pandemic and the amount of work that had to be carried out.

TRAGSA, which has highly qualified personnel to carry out the process of adaptation and commissioning of the building, is the company in charge of the works. The Deputy Director of Emergencies leads the technical direction of the project with a technical monitoring and advisory committee made up of other public officials such as the head of the Andalusian service for civil protection or the regional coordinator for emergency management.


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