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Daniel Rojas, Director of Employability at U. Andrés Bello, analyzes the trend of employability towards the technological field and provides some keys for recently graduated professionals to perform optimally.

In 2023, work trends increasingly point to the tech realm. According to the salary guide of the Consultant Robert Demi (HR) about 50% of companies will invest in technology. The same report showed that companies place great importance on selection processes, with 65% saying the impact of a bad hire is worse today than it was a year ago. 12 months.

Daniel RojasDirector of Employability of the Directorate of Graduates, Employability and Networks (ALUMNI) by U. Andrés Bello, explains that this trend occurs because “technology is involved in all spheres of life and in different areas of work. Today, computer engineering and communications, through social networks, are a good example of the fields that are continuously at the forefront of technological innovations”.

According to the manager, “In the knowledge that professionals must provide, there is always innovation and adaptation to change. In this way, they are able to reach their full potential and have a greater set of tools for their performance at work,” explains the expert.

However, the investigation of Page group have shown that there is a shortage of IT talent in Latin America, as 48% of vacancies for these jobs cannot be filledspecifying that the most difficult profiles to find are those of full stack developer, scrum master, mobile developer engineers and software architect, vacancies which have an average permanence at the position of one year and, followed by the position of software architect with an average stay of two years in the post.

Similarly, all social studies indicate that companies value both technical skills and a large specific factor, but there is a preponderant component at the time of hiring, which is related to the so-called soft skills or rather, the well-known “power skills”.

In this regard, Rojas from U. Andrés Bello ALUMNI comments that “For recruiters, a solid curriculum and/or the so-called ‘hard skills’ are not enough; today, a good set of personal and relational behaviors are increasingly valued among new generations who, through the development and empowerment of these, allow you to develop optimally on a professional level. energy skills‘are the know-how or know-how applied correctly in the workplace, which allows them to achieve differentiating and successful performance, ”he emphasizes.

What is the profitability of IT?

On the other hand, research ICT 2022 It showed the range of salaries that IT professionals in the country receive, exploring the profiles of engineers, programmers, analysts, application architects, among others. In the data, it can be seen that the highest paid professionals are the full stack developers.

Research shows that, for example, a full-stack developer engineer fluent in English, in a junior position in a medium-sized company, can earn an income of 2,500,000 pesos. Meanwhile, a front-end developer, occupying a management position in a large company, would have an income of 3,000,000 pesos.

Finally, one of the most sought-after profiles in the IT market are cybersecurity engineers, whose salary range in a semi-senior position, in a medium-sized company, can reach an income close to 2,400,000 pesos .

WhatHow to face the field of computer science when you have just graduated?

Regarding how a recently graduated professional should prepare to start in this field of work, Rojas explains that while careers are tied to technology, other strengths should not be overlooked. “We believe that there are two key elements to qualify in the profiles. On the one hand, technical knowledge and skills must be possessed, in this case the technological aspects and, in addition, “power skills” must be integrated. For this, it is important to prepare through training or workshops and conferences.

The employability director of ALUMNI UNAB specifies that “in these professions, the essential thing is to be attentive to innovations and to constantly update knowledge, not to remain static. Every day there are advances and training must be constant in this type of professional profile, especially in an autonomous way”, he recommends.

Regarding the preparations in the field, Rojas states that “due to the rapid technological advances, people related to these fields must constantly update their knowledge and keep abreast of new trends and news in the world of technology. Advances in Big Data and robotics are the cause. For this reason, from UNAB we strive to provide our graduates with different refresher courses for all our careers, thus strengthening their professional development and helping to keep them up to date with new challenges in the field of technology “, ended.

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