Jobs have rules too

Inotec standards

There are different standards for each of the work guidelines. In this case it is the ICONTEC standards (Colombian Institute of Technical Standards and Certification), also known as NTC 1486 and which you can see on the official website

This set of rules and regulations was created to specify requirements for writing and submitting various types of academic papers to achieve this technical format. These relate to the adjustment of margins, line spacing, the design of the back cover and the front cover, as well as the sequence of citation and reference of sources and many other elements that make up an academic work.

Importance of methodological rules for written work

Every task performed in daily life requires organization. and set different priorities to make it a success. In this way, it is possible to achieve a certain goal that has been previously set.

So the outcome is prevented from being influenced by chance or luck and is guaranteed to be the most important factor at the time it is made. Each of the specific tasks requires the application of a specific work methodology. This is adaptable to all stages of life.

The same goes for research papers in the studios. To carry out each of these tasks (investigation), you must have prior knowledge to determine what to do next. In general, the first methodological step to be taken involves observing the field(s) of application.

The methodological steps, which consist of how the method can be executed following a set of instructions to be completed empirically, come after this task when it comes to considering how to conduct a survey produce a conclusion or a certain result.

Execution of these steps must follow an Execution Order by default, or what is called the methodological system. This is what ensures that every action you take is orderly and, more importantly, the goal is not achieved haphazardly.

With the methodology, the method can be used to solve a specific problem or lay the theoretical foundations so that, later, another researcher can instrumentalize the documentary research.

This also applies, for example, to the field of work, where there is a certain work methodology that contributes to achieving better performance and greater productivity. But also, this set of steps for research work as a study methodology allows us to achieve greater efficiency when performing any educational or didactic task.

The methodology is relevant in the field of science and knowledge. It is concept known as the scientific method. In this sense, the delimited systematization of the stages of carrying out a survey of any type makes it possible to obtain results free of prejudices and uncontrolled variants.

When the result is reliable, the solutions or conclusions reached can be put into practice to solve real problems. To illustrate what has been said above, we can speak of a community of inhabitants, in which a certain genetic mutation is generated which is distinctive of that place and does not occur in any other part of that same nation or the world.

Scientists must limit research to this geographic area and investigate why this phenomenon occurs. They will have to establish the objectives, the scope, the methodology or the way to find the data and to process them and, with this accumulation of information, reach a conclusion that serves the science to take corrective measures.

Once this is finished, the work should be presented in an organized manner with margins, titles and sources understandable to the rest of the scientific community. This is the importance of standards in written work.


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