Jobs in security, health and education are priorities: Menchaca

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Despite the fact that the complete assessment and the current financial situation of the various areas of the state executive are not available, priority attention in the areas of security, health and education is urgently needed and does not require an additional break, acknowledged the governor of Hidalgo, Julio Menchaca Salazar; Therefore, once the result of the delivery-receipt is available, we will see which actions can be developed in the coming months and which will have to wait until 2023.

Likewise, the State President has ensured joint and coordinated work with the local Congress, the various sectors of the State government and the municipalities to generate an adequate budget proposal for the 2023 fiscal year, in addition to the plan development of the state to meet the needs and demands. of the population, so that once they are counted on, attention and a response are given to each of them according to the resources available.

“What is urgent and does not require a break is security, health and education; For this reason, we are not only working on the revision of the budget proposal that is going to be presented to the Legislative Assembly; but also in the audits that must be carried out in areas where there are doubts about the way in which the public resource has been exercised; We are at a time when secretaries and secretaries are coming in, work teams are being integrated and once this work is completed, a timely response will be given to all elements,” he said. guaranteed.

The President of the State has acknowledged the difficulty his administration is facing due to his arrival in the last quarter of the year, for which most of the available resources are already committed or executed, for which they do not have the elements materials to meet the demands of the population in the short term, for which the State Development Plan and the Budget for 2023 must be consolidated in order to have the necessary financing to provide results in the medium term, and thus meet the expectations of the population of Hidalgo.

Improvement of the urban image not only in the magic cities

During his visit to the Magic Town of Mineral del Chico, to attend the second report on the activities of the Municipal President Alfredo Hernández Morales, Governor Julio Menchaca Salazar, announced the strategy for improving the urban image for the promotion of tourism, in addition to the fact that it will be accompanied by programs to promote agriculture and trade; Moreover, it will not only apply to the municipalities under this denomination, but in each of the 84 demarcations of the entity.

“We are concluding a proposal for an urban image, not only for the magic towns but for the whole state, the commitment is to have the Hidalgo that we want, the future that we want; We have to improve it by taking care of details such as lighting or colors, removing obstacles in the communication routes that collide with this landscape that exists in the state, which also reduces the impact of which is truly a privilege for residents and tourists; We will work closely with city councils to unite this sum of forces and deliver results,” he said.

Likewise, Julio Menchaca reiterated the call for conciliation and coordinated work to improve the development of the entity, “sometimes it is not just a question of recourse, but of political will and citizen awareness. We make this commitment to work together, which will be a sign and pressure for the Secretary of Tourism (Elizabeth Quintanar Gómez), she will have to set an example in her activities, because it is not a question of being exclusive to a region or a municipality, the entity It is made up of 84 wonderful municipalities that offer a unique gastronomy, landscape, culture and history, but there is a common denominator which is human quality, the one that we transmit to people who visit us from other latitudes, we are going to feel proud of each region of the state,” he condemned.


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