jobs to analyze for their employment and economic potential

To contextualize: it is estimated that 65% of children entering primary school today will take up jobs that do not yet exist.

Opportunity for a few? On the contrary, these changes generate great opportunities for those who understand themadapt and train for what we consider to be the professions of the future, a future much closer than we think.

And it’s done continuous education of new skills that appear the opportunities for those who are encouraged to take them.

Skills, not academic degrees

Although our grandparents and even our parents probably had jobs all their lives, most of us have had not only several jobs, but also several types of jobs or jobs in several disciplines.

It is that the future of work (and the present) will not be about the university degree that each professional has, but will increasingly be about (and about) the abilities that everyone has and what they can build with them.

And if we pay attention to the training needed to integrate these skillswe often find the opposite of traditional college majorswho typically require four to six years of formal study to graduate.

Today, integrating these skills is possible both as a self-taught student in the myriad of free tools found on the web, and also by studying for a few months in specifically structured programs to teach us the basics of a discipline and get us out on the job market. Because a lot is learned by doing. And the sooner we get to market, the sooner we’ll learn.

And that’s what makes opportunities available to everyone. Today, education is much cheaper (or free) and access to employment is much fasterallowing more people to access it.

Booming new technologies

Just as there are jobs that will gradually cease to be necessary, there will be other new ones that will gradually require work.

One of the fronts that we see growing refers to the world of web 3 supported by technology block chain (block chain), a set of technologies enabling users to maintain a secure recordsynchronized, decentralized and distributed of different digital operations, without the need for the intermediation of third parties.

So put like Web3 Engineering Manager They are starting to appear in the companies that are most focused on these technologies.

Another clear example of job growth is the metaverse – a virtual world where people can live, play, work, shop, interact with others, build a house, go to concerts and more. All from the comfort of your living room chair in the world we all know.

And in this field there are multiple jobs, many of which are geared towards software development or 3D design for this type of system, but some also similar to historical industries such as real estate, such as Real estate agent, whose main objective is to market land in the metaverse.

programmers wanted

Over the past two years, the demand for programmers has grown exponentially and is already among the top three in demand worldwide (Engineering and service-related industries remain at the top of the rankings).

A programmer can, working from anywhere since he only needs a PC and an internet connection, for example, design applications for smartphones, specialized programs and video games – In recent days, the video of some Argentina fans cheering on the Qatar World Cup team while working remotely on the lineup has gone viral.

From a work perspective, the programmer usually has “full employment”He earns well above average salaries and to the extent that he demonstrates originality and creativity, this in addition can lead companies to challenge his services, Getting to charge from 3 to 5 thousand dollars per month if captured by a multinational or a well-known national company.

At the local level, the remuneration is not negligible: about 200 thousand pesos for a Junior programmer, a figure that can vary between 400 and 500 thousand pesos per month for a Senior.

The author is a labor market expert. PDG the herd.

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