Juvenile offenders can carry out work for the benefit of the community within the Almería Town Hall


The Minister of Justice, Local Administration and Civil Service, José Antonio Nieto, and the Mayor of Almería, María Vázquez, announced that the two administrations will sign a Collaboration agreement to facilitate the minor offenderto perform community benefits in town when the judges impose this openness measure on them. The aim is to contribute to the re-education of these young people helping to repair the damage caused by the collaboration with the Municipal services.

The Ministry of Justice has signed agreements with 36 town halls of small provincial municipalities to facilitate the observance of minors in their own municipality without having to move measures imposed by judges, as well as with non-profit social purpose entities such as the Association of Persons with Disabilities Verdiblanca. However, It is the first time that it will be signed with the town hall of the capital.

Nieto thanked the mayoress for her collaboration in offering this possibility to minors in Almería, because “if it is fundamental that an adult who commits a crime can reinstate in society much more important is that minors have the opportunity to overcome this pothole and for this it is essential that the town halls express it sensitivity And we can work together.”

For her part, María Vázquez stressed that “on behalf of the City Council, we are delighted to sign this agreement because it is inclusive and sensitiveand with young people who want to reintegrate”. Likewise, he thanked the work of the Andalusian government to “increase the number of courts in our city, ask for a new one labor court and improve the infrastructures with human and technical resources that allow to rationalize the demands of the society of Almería”.

Community benefits are one of the unlimited measures that judges can impose on minors who commit criminal acts. So far this year, judges have decreed this measure to 47 minors in Almería and the the annual average is about 60. The Ministry of Justice manages the centers and services where these measures are respected and has the power to sign agreements with public and private entities for their development.


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